March 23rd 2023


At Lily, digital transformation is at the heart of everything we do. We focus on future-proofing businesses for success by integrating advanced digital technology into all areas of an organisation.

Incorporating digital transformation into a business can bring big and successful change from outdated processes that may no longer work in the fast-paced, business world. If you are looking to embrace change, read on to find out how going digital can benefit your company to meet customer needs and demands of the digital age.

What Are the Main Benefits of Digital Transformation?

There are lots of different advantages of digital transformation but the main benefits for every business are how it can improve customer experience, reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

By adopting digital transformation, you could benefit from:

Improved Customer Experience

A digital communications strategy will allow you to better understand your customers and find ways to improve your support services. For example, implementing a call management and recording software will let you track customer calls in real time anywhere and provide useful recordings that can be analysed and used for future training purposes. 

Digital tools like these are an excellent way to measure quality assurance, monitor problem areas in your business and gain a detailed understanding of each customer’s journey from beginning to end. This is invaluable information that can continuously improve your customer service and marketing strategy. 

Reduced costs

Changing from outdated technology to digital-led IT solutions will cut the cost of using expensive equipment that does not grow with your business.

The use of cloud services allows you to access your data easily in an online cloud space, rather than spending a significant amount of money purchasing expensive storage equipment. Businesses can also see up to a 60% saving on costs when switching to modern VoIP phone systems alongside other IT solutions. 

At Lily, we have helped 86% of our customers to save money. Want to find out how much you could save by integrating digital transformation into your business? Complete our cost saving audit and our team will audit your costs for free and discover how much you could save on services like phones, mobile tariffs and more.  

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Digital transformation can significantly help your workforce be more productive through Unified Communications (UC) solutions like Collaborate or Microsoft Teams.

Offering seamless collaboration, your team can benefit from multiple channels of communication whether that is voice and video conferencing or live messaging. Easily share files, collaborate and solve problems in real time with UC solutions. These tools additionally allow for flexible working and getting the most value out of your employee’s wellbeing.

Start Your Digital Transformation Journey Today

As a digital transformation company, it’s our job to find the right solutions that will help meet your business goals. Get in touch with us today to start future-proofing your business for success.


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