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At Lily, we care about your files and making sure you can recover and back-up important documents when you need them.

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At Lily, we care about your files and making sure you can recover and back-up important documents when you need them.

Our cloud storage and back-up solutions are specifically designed for business, so whether you have a large or small team, we have the capacity to ensure your files are well looked after. Our cloud storage is simple, reliable and affordable. We use our high performance cloud storage to help optimise your business performance by storing large or unused files in our cloud server.

Our business back-up solutions are backed by a powerful cloud network that ensures we have can back-up and recover your files easily. We understand that everyone makes mistakes; files can be deleted or misplaced but this can be costly to your business when you need to recover an important item. Trust in the Lily team to ensure all your essential business files are backed up.

Top benefits of back-up software

  • Fast access to files: A major benefit of back-up software is that you’re able to retrieve any lost files quickly. With cloud storage software, this backed up information can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Defense against power failure: A power outage may occur either through a building issue or weather conditions. Protect your files against these kind of unforeseen circumstances with reliable cloud storage software.
  • Extra anti-virus protection: Malware and hacking are among the most common forms of data breaches and with back-up software you’ll have an added level of protection against these kinds of threats.
  • Guard against system crashes: When a computer crashes, it may be due to the operation systems failure and the software could become corrupted. In this case, backing up your data will keep your information protected until the system is fixed.

You can trust the Lily team to recover and back-up all your important documents. Call us today on 0343 507 1111 for more information.

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