June 15th 2020


86% of people struggle to switch off from work according to a Microsoft study. That’s a worrying statistic and has come from employees nationally feeling like they are “always on” due to pressures and advancements in tech.

At Lily we believe small changes make a big difference, that’s why we focus on improving operations, creating efficiencies for businesses which in turn supports employees whilst increasing profit and revenue.

Digital transformation is key in the modern world - not adapting could mean the end to your business. It’s important to equip your business with tools that can be used for remote working in the instance of storms, snow and other disasters. These tools also allow the opportunity for flexible working and getting the most value out of your employees.

We have selected two of our products which improve wellbeing:

Unified Comms Solutions

Solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Collaborate allow you to unify all your collaboration tools under one workspace. They allow you to have easier conversations as you can talk via voice and video conferencing or instant messaging and have the power to share files and screen sharing.

Why do employees love them?

  • Enable flexible working - access via handset, web portal and mobile app.
  • Can identify presence - you can clearly see when someone isn’t available.

Call Management

Call reporting can enable you to understand your business like you never have.

How do employees benefit from setting up call management?

  • You can monitor busy times and increase the number of staff during busy periods.
  • Helps employees deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Call recording can help shield them whilst speaking to customers.

I’m sure all businesses will agree the Coronavirus pandemic has caused the biggest change we have seen to the business landscape in years as well as changing how we view our personal lives. Millions of people in the UK are working from home for the very first time which has made them realise they need more of a work-life balance. It’s true what they say - the success and wellbeing of people and business go hand in hand.

We hope this blog has given you a new perspective to wellbeing and digital transformation and has informed you it’s easier to tackle and reduce the “always on” culture than you may think. 

As a digital transformation business, it's our jobs to spot the right tools required by your business to achieve your future goals. Get in touch today for your free digital transformation consultation. 

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