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The UK government is aiming to achieve net zero on all greenhouse gases by 2050, paving the way for a greener economy.

Electronic waste is a growing issue in the UK, with research showing that households and businesses across the country product 1.45 million tonnes of electrical waste each year. One of the main ways the government aims to combat this is by introducing a reliable way for businesses to dispose of their old technical equipment.

Lily Renew allows businesses to dispose of their old hardware in line with the UK’s environmental legislation, whilst also giving customers the opportunity to get cash back for old kit. This service is available for equipment such as mobile phones, phone systems and laptops.

There are many benefits to recycling your old hardware with Lily. We can guarantee the safe removal of all data from your devices before we dispose of them via the certified data erasure feature. This has become increasingly important due to GDPR legislation and the rise in fraud during the pandemic. You can also rest assured that your old hardware is disposed of correctly and in an environmentally safe way. We make every effort to ensure that minimal impact is made to the environment when we recycle old technology.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to this scheme is the opportunity to earn cash back for all of the old equipment you trade in. This way, you can maximise your IT budget by putting this cash towards updating your old technology for new hardware. This will also increase efficiencies across the business as staff are able to work on better, more updated pieces of hardware.

Sustainability has become increasingly important, especially in today’s climate, and recycling old hardware should be part of your IT strategy. Trade in your old technology today at no extra cost to you.

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