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Business Phone Lines

Our Business Calls and Lines are here to cut costs on your bottom line, whilst also providing your business with reliable and effective services needed to deliver high-quality internal and external communications.

For our business phone lines we use SIP trunks, which are the long-term replacement for ISDN. They use ultra-reliable, dedicated voice broadband to carry voice traffic, as well as video and other forms of media. SIP can save your business a significant amount of money with its lower monthly line rentals and call costs, compared with ISDN and Analogue Lines.

BT is set to switch off the ISDN network by 2025, so the switchover is already happening for many businesses to upgrade their business phone lines. Future proof your infrastructure by moving to SIP today.

Benefits of SIP Trunks for your business phone lines:

  • Free inclusive minutes: for calls to UK local, national and mobile numbers
  • Cheaper monthly line rental: our SIP trunks are among the cheapest in the industry and can save your business between 30% to 60% on monthly ISDN rental costs
  • High quality and reliable: our SIP trunks route calls through a GUARANTEED voice broadband. This means we can guarantee our SIP trunks are 100% reliable and calls are of the highest quality.
  • National presence: you can have local numbers from all over the UK added to your SIP account at no extra cost. This a fantastic free marketing tool that gives your business a local presence up and down the UK without the cost of multiple sites.
  • Disaster Recovery: In the unlikely event that there is an area service issue, diverts can be applied to any destination so that all calls are still received to your business no matter what.
  • Agility: If you require additional SIP trunks due to growth, we can do it for you on the same day it is requested. If your business is moving premises, we can switch over your service, along with all your numbers at the click of a button.

Business Phone Numbers

Consumer behaviour has changed over the years, but phone calls are still one of the most important ways you can communicate with your customer. As a primary point of contact between your business and potential customers, a business phone number is vital.

A phone number is part of how your business is represented to the outside world; whether on your website, an email or an advertising campaign. Portraying a professional image through using a memorable, business phone number is something that should not be underestimated.

We can provide your company with the right phone number for you. Whether you want to offer free, local or national rates, premium rates, or a combination of phone numbers with which your customers can contact you, we are able to offer your company the right solution at highly competitive rates.

Business Phone Numbers starting at just £3 per month

Click through the boxes below to find out more about the different telephone number options and uses for your business.

The ever-popular choice for businesses with a wide range of available numbers. For businesses who are wanting to benefit from the extra features available with using non-geographic numbers, without wishing to pay to receive incoming calls.

0843 & 0844 numbers are by far the most popular number range available in the UK today. Number ranges are charged to the caller at a rate of between 1 to 5 pence per minute, with 5 pence ranges the most commonly used.

The caller pays the standard UK national rate when calling from a BT landline, however, calls made from mobile networks or other operators vary.

0300 numbers are for the exclusive use of the public sector or not for profit organisations and charities. The caller pays the standard national charge rate either from a landline or a mobile phone, with calls received by the end user subject to a small pence per minute charge.

0800 freephone numbers seem to be more popular than ever to end-user customers. The call is entirely free to the caller when calling from both a landline and a mobile. 

03 numbers are becoming increasingly popular as one of the most customer friendly non-geographic number ranges available. 0333 number ranges have been launched recently for use within commercial organisations, and are very caller friendly, especially from mobiles, as the caller pays the same standard national call charge as when dialling 01 or 02 numbers.

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