March 5th 2023


We’re living in a digital world and to survive in it, you need to future-proof your business with digital transformation. At Lily, we help businesses find the perfect solution around their communications or IT infrastructure to improve workplace efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Digital transformation is the core of every modern business. Below, we break down what digital transformation is, what’s involved and how it will help your business now and in the future.

Definition of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business that makes positive changes to business operation, proposition delivery and value to your clients. 

We like to see digital transformation simply as a switch from cupboard to cloud. It’s a move from archives of unmanaged documents, outdated phone systems and unmanaged IT solutions to everything being easily accessible and integrated online. 
Digital transformation can be a significant change to your operations but it comes with a host of benefits that will keep your business ahead of the competition and your operations running smoothly.

What You Need to Consider in Your Digital Transformation Strategy

When adopting a digital transformation strategy, you will need to consider what type of digital technology you want to integrate into your business. As it can be hard to pin this down, we address the main five technology areas of digital transformation that you should consider.


The term ‘cloud’ refers to digital services accessed across the internet. Cloud services can be hosted publicly, privately or as a combination of both, known as hybrid cloud. 

A cloud service usually has a low initial cost as it is implemented online, rather than as a piece of expensive hardware. Backed by powerful technology, cloud services also keep your data securely backed up which ensures your files are protected and easily recoverable if they are mistakenly misplaced or deleted. 

As a business grows, the cloud service will grow with them. Considering a cloud service is essential for digital transformation and will be the foundation for improving your business communications. 


Upgrading your communications system is a crucial change if you want to improve customer service and workplace productivity.

By switching from old Analogue or ISDN lines to VoIP, you could save up to 30-60% on your monthly bill which will make your communications cheaper across the company. Plus, a modern communication system will improve efficiency. For example, it can allow for mobile working, multi-site integration and let you record customer calls and monitor performance statistics. 

The Lily Cloud VoIP phone system is a reliable and simple communication system. Be assured that the expert technical team will always be on hand to support and tailor Lily Cloud to your business requirements.


Mobile phones are now seen as the preferred device for communication, whether that be for voice or non-voice activities. Currently, 85% of smartphone use is spent on non-voice activities like using search or visiting websites. As such, your business’s mobile solutions must be seamless for your customers so that you avoid the risk of losing them to a competitor. 

Not only is mobility important for your customers, but it also plays a key part in helping your workforce to securely communicate and collaborate remotely and in the office. At Lily, we provide iPECS call platforms to help support BYOD workplaces to reduce costs, increase productivity and enhance customer experience. 

Big Data

Big data refers to large and hard-to-manage volumes of data that continue to grow at an increasing daily rate. To handle this sort of large data, businesses will need to have advanced data processing applications in place that will help them understand how they can improve customer experience and business operations.

Thankfully, there are solutions that can analyse your data in meaningful ways which are both easy to use and implement. Using Lily’s call management solution, you can record and monitor customer calls in real time across onsite premises and for off-site, mobile workers. 

Lily’s call analytic software will allow you to identify missed calls, generate dashboards that help your team track performance and KPIs and gain better insight into when your busiest times are for your team. With this knowledge, you can make relevant process changes and improve customer experience.


For a business to succeed, there needs to be good communication and collaboration. Digital transformation helps businesses easily collaborate online, whether it’s to share important files or to catch up with other colleagues.

Collaborate, a brand new Unified Communications (UC) platform, integrates with business systems to provide voice calls, video conferencing, instant messaging and file sharing in one place. Other platforms include Microsoft Teams, which is a chat and video conferencing tool that is available as part of the Office 365 package or on its own. 

A collaborative, digital platform will increase employee productivity and help them use their time more effectively. Easily see the status of your workforce and find out whether they’re on a phone or video call without manually checking in. Additional benefits include the ability to have video calls across sites globally meaning your team can collaborate on projects no matter the location. 

At Lily, our UC solution is an easy system to set up and can be adapted to your business’s changing conditions for years to come. 

Why is Digital Transformation Important?

Every business small or large needs to be ready to adapt. By going digital, your business will be future-proof and consolidate your company processes and operations.  

Having a digital transformation strategy will help your company improve operations and workforce productivity, reduce outgoings and overall, increase revenue. 

Contact Lily to Go Digital

When you work with Lily, we will explore the needs of your company to build a leading-edge digital solution that’ll give you a distinct competitive advantage. Contact Lily to learn more about our solutions and get access to 100 days free when signing up as a new customer. 

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