Remote Working

Whether you are remote working or you’re back in the office, we can support your business in staying connected with your customers, suppliers and colleagues.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to disrupt business.

Whether you are remote working or you’re back in the office, we can support your business in staying connected with your customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Video Meetings

Remote working is the new reality to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Video is essential within this time for better communication.

Introducing Collaborate, a solution which is quick and easy to use for ad-hoc and planned conferences, allowing you to share your screen for presentations and reports.

The software also allows you to instant message, this reduces the number of emails, increasing work efficiencies as you can gather responses promptly from users on your network.

It’s incredible how unifying and motivational a team video call can be and that’s why we want to support businesses by giving them two months free. This is a great tool and will truly enrich your remote working experience.

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Mobile Wi-Fi (MiFi)

With 4G mobile Wi-Fi, you can work remotely from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. All of them are supported by the MiFi device guaranteeing a fast, dedicated connection whilst working from home.

Dongles & Mi-Fi's

4G Dongle £49.95

4G Mi-Fi Router £79.95

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Business Mobile Tariffs

Make sure you can stay connected with your customers, suppliers and colleagues. We have a variety of usage options available to ensure you pick the best package for your business and have additional bolt-ons for international calls to avoid any bill shocks. The SIM’s are available on 90-day rolling contracts, meaning no long tie-in periods so if you don’t require them after three months you can remove the expense from your business.

o2 SIM Only Deals

500MB, 500 mins & unlimited texts

£11.50 per month

5GB, unlimited calls & texts

£14.50 per month

8GB, unlimited calls & texts

£17.00 per month

24GB, unlimited calls & texts

£21.00 per month

Unlimited data, calls & texts

£25.50 per month

Device Hire Solutions

Mid-range Smartphone

£38.50 per month


£66.00 per month

4G Mi-Fi Router

£13.20 per month

Device Outright Purchase Options

Voice Only Basic Devices

Energizer E12 £12.50

Energizer E241 3G £29.95

Nokia 105 £16.49

Basic Android Devices

Alcatel 1C £49.95

Alcatel 1 £69.95

LG K30 £99.00

Moto G6 Play £99.00

Don’t miss another call!

Many SME’s businesses will currently have their calls diverted to their mobiles, meaning you only have one line into your business, so you are more than likely missing sales opportunities.

Data is powerful especially in the current COVID-19 situation. We have solutions which allow you to see who is on the phone, the call length, their total call time, any lost calls and the businesses missed calls over all to follow up on.

Every call into your business is an opportunity, the phone is still the king.

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Stay secure

Don't open the doors to cyber-criminals, stay protected with Lily Shield.

With the majority of businesses remote working, this introduces new opportunities for cyber-criminals meaning your business will become increasingly vulnerable within this period.

Businesses are more at risk with home working as the devices are being used on home broadband services that may not have appropriate firewalls in place.

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Online Weblistings

With the recent developments around coronavirus disease, let your customers know if you’ve made changes to your daily operations.

Whether you are now closed, or due to demand your opening hours have changed. Lily Weblistings is a solution which allows you to take control of all your business listings with the click of a single button.

We've got access to update over 50 apps in one go, keeping customers fully up to date with a change in your opening hours, new phone numbers, business name, descriptions and logos.

For a small monthly charge, keep your online presence optimised within this COVID-19 period with Lily Weblisting. Keep your customers informed of your plans!

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In 8 out of 10 cases our mobile experts can save businesses money as well as take away the hassle of searching for handsets and tariffs. To get started, contact a member of our mobile team today.


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