ICT4Leeds Support for Schools

From April 2024, all ICT4Leeds contracts will expire for schools and colleges in Leeds. Now is the time to switch to a seamless telephone and ICT system. Get prepared with Lily Comms today.

What Is ICT4Leeds?

Leeds City Council provides Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services to schools in the Leeds district through an ICT4Leeds contract. The council’s Integrated Digital Service (IDS) aims to keep staff and students safe online and the school’s network safe and secure.

ICT4Leeds has helped many schools, offering secure broadband connection, internet filtering, firewall, anti-virus software and security alerts. This year, Leeds City Council announced that all current contracts for the ICT4Leeds service will expire on 31st March 2024. Now less than a year away, school ICT teams face severe disruption for the year ahead.

How Does It Impact Your School?

If your school has a contract with ICT4Leeds, the council will stop your current IT services, telephone system and Wi-Fi connection. You will need to completely upheave your ICT services, leading to possible disruption to your students and staff’s performance.

Having a reliable, secure IT and telephone system in place is essential. Without it, you risk cyber attacks and downtime of daily operations. March 2024 is close, so you must plan for an ICT provider before it is too late.

How Can You Prepare for ICT4Leeds Service Discontinuation?

All education providers need to future-proof their school or college with the help of a digital transformation expert. Once your ICT4Leeds contract ends, you will have no ICT services. Prepare now and select Lily Comms, an ICT provider, to prevent future network disruption.

Lily Comms is here to smooth your transition, ensuring you get the best ICT solution for your school or college. Our team will work as an extension to your team and help upgrade all of your services with ease and minimal disruption

Discover Lily’s ICT Solutions

Lily has helped education providers streamline their ICT requirements with secure, efficient and reliable IT and telephone services. Whether you need to upgrade your broadband, telephone system or cyber security services, Lily will help you on your way.

Explore our award-winning solutions for schools and colleges below.


Telephone System

The termination of ISDN network lines and ICT4 contracts makes it crucial for all education providers to update their telephone systems. Lily offers an on-premise and hosted phone system, enhancing connectivity across your school. Our Ericsson-LG phone systems are on-premise or hybrid, whereas the Lily Cloud phone system is hosted solely on the cloud. Both methods can effectively reduce costs and inefficiencies across your school.

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Superfast Broadband

We deliver ultra-fast Wi-Fi for any small or large school and college with Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) broadband. Using fibre optic cables, your school or college will benefit from faster broadband speeds of up to 1GBps, helping you to do more faster and more effectively. Over the last few years, schools have increasingly relied on bandwidth for cloud and IT solutions. Lily’s FTTP is highly resilient, allowing your students and staff to stream, video call and work online simultaneously.

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ICT Support

We provide cost-effective ICT support packages to ensure your IT services run effectively and without disruption. As all schools and colleges have unique requirements, we offer four levels of support called Lite, Remote, Standard and Business. All our support contracts include 24/7 monitoring, patching and reporting, alerting our technical team to rectify potential problems before it is too late. Our team is dedicated to helping you with a 30-minute SLA to ensure you feel protected.

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IT Security

Weak IT security can make your school or college vulnerable to data breaches, financial loss and reputational damage. At Lily, we partner with Sonicwall to provide robust, leading IT security services for your school. Our service includes web filtering, anti-malware software, real-time threat detection, email security and endpoint security. Transform your IT security with Lily and will ensure your pupils and staff remain safe working online.

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Upgrade Your IT and Telephone System with Lily

Don’t wait until March 2024 to upgrade your ICT contract. Select Lily Comms as your ICT provider and get started today. Our expert team will be in touch to learn more about how we can help you and what solutions are best for your school or college.

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