May 23rd 2019


Upgrading your communications is a big change for a lot of businesses. You may have gotten used to your current phone system, but what if you could do better? Here are the top reasons to upgrade your communications.


The number one reason you should upgrade your communications is cost-saving. Everyone wants to save money, especially when it comes to their communications which are not only essential but can also be expensive. Why not? You could get a much better service than you currently have, whilst also having money on your bottom line!

Did you know you could save up to 60% on your monthly bill when switching from old Analogue or ISDN lines to SIP?


As a growing business, your needs are going to change, sometimes drastically and in a short space of time. Our phone systems can grow as you grow, meaning you don’t have to change your provider or setup whenever you feel your current solution just isn’t enough. Using the latest cloud or on-premise technology, you can seamlessly add or remove users when you need to.


When switching from an ancient phone system to a modern solution, you could not only potentially save money, but also benefit from features that make your communications even more efficient.

You could benefit from:


Being able to work remotely without compromise is almost mandatory in this day and age. More and more businesses are implementing remote working schemes with their staff. Maybe you’ve thought of doing such but have been put off with your current systems. Upgrading your communications could be the gateway to a new way of working.


With a modern phone solution, you could manage multiple sites with just one phone system. This could save you a lot of money if you have currently resorted to running each premise with its own phone. Not only that, but you could benefit from free site-to-site calls.


Your staff will appreciate being able to see the availability on each other without having to make a call or stand up to check. Presence Monitoring, available in our systems, can allow your team to increase efficiency and save a lot of time. Using it in conjunction with Instant Messaging, your team could go through a big change with an upgraded communications solution.


How do you know if your staff are performing well on the phone? Using Call Statistics of course! You could see the number of missed calls you or business (or specific department!) received, how many total ingoing or outgoing calls were made, the talk time of specific phone handlers and soo much more.


To really see how well your staff are doing, or for use in training, call recording is an extremely beneficial feature you should have. Not only is Call recording a legal requirement for some businesses, but recordings could be used to deal with issues and confrontation.


What would happen to your business if it had an outage? Would your phones still work? What if your premise was hit with a disaster? Using a modern phone system, your business landline calls could automatically route through to your business mobiles, meaning you would still not miss a call and can ensure business continuity.

If you would like to discuss upgrading your system in further detail, contact us today to get in touch with our Business Solutions Specialists!

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