June 29th 2022


By now you have probably heard about BT’s plan to deactivate their Openreach service, consisting of the ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) and PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) networks by 2025. But what will this mean for your business?

Well, if you currently rely on technology (i.e., CCTV, EPOS machines etc) or the ISDN system to conduct business, you should consider migrating your services to the new VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network.

Why Do I Need to Switch?

Signals degrade over time and the current ISDN network loses around 90% of its signal strength at distances greater than 100 metres, while the new VoIP fibre technology-based network only loses approximately 3%. Thus, the UK telecommunications system needs a revival, as there is a danger of being left behind.

The current physical ISDN network requires a substantial amount of maintenance and upkeep, which is extremely costly and time consuming and can result in downtime for your business, affecting your productivity. Whereas the new VoIP system is simple to install providing you have a pre-existing network infrastructure within your business or home. Therefore, there is no communication downtime!

How will the Switch Benefit my Business?

Would you be more inclined to switch sooner if you learned that call charges and infrastructure costs will be significantly less? Well not only is the new network cheaper to maintain, but it is also more cost-effective long-term as you will have access to call features that you would have previously paid a premium price for, expanding the telecommunication options for your business, as well as your productivity potential.

Furthermore, the new VoIP system is much easier to monitor and control, as it will no longer rely on a transoceanic network of cables. Therefore, upgrades or changes to your network are much simpler to install as there is no physical alteration needed, so you can choose to add or remove internal calling features such as the ability to re-route or divert calls freely. This gives your business more mobility, flexibility, and scalability.

In addition, the accelerating reliance on phones, laptops, and platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom means a greater demand for a reliable and high-quality internet connection with a strong bandwidth; the VoIP system offers this and more! This is especially advantageous for businesses with a hybrid or international setup.

What Options do I Have?

The 2025 deadline is fast approaching, and it’s therefore vital to start making plans for migration. Luckily, switching can be easier than you may think!  At Lily, we’re here to find the best approach for you and your business, handling your migration to VOIP for you.

Don’t let the impending 2025 switch off affect your business; contact our expert team today, and we’ll do the rest.

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