January 2nd 2024


Are you looking for someone to oversee your company’s IT needs? Eliminate the hassle and cost of onboarding an in-house IT specialist and invest in a Managed Service Provider (MSP) instead. 

An MSP will remotely manage your IT infrastructure so you can focus on your business while the experts keep everything running. In this blog, you’ll discover five things to consider before picking the right Managed Service Provider.

What Is a Managed Service Provider? 

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a third-party provider that manages and controls an organisation’s IT infrastructure and end-user systems. This can include technical support, risk management, hardware maintenance and network monitoring.

An MSP works as an extension of your team and replaces or works alongside your IT department. 

What Should You Consider When Choosing an MSP? 

1 - Your IT Needs 

Identify your company’s IT requirements, challenges and goals. Is it to improve team communication? Or implement better cyber security practices? Either way, you need to review your current IT setup and list any pain points you need to solve. 

Don’t forget to consider your compliance efforts, too. If you want to comply with ISO 27001 or Cyber Essentials, you’ll likely need an IT expert to help. 

Plus, consider your future plans. If you want to increase your team or expand to new locations, include this as part of your requirements. Scaling your IT services is essential to future-proofing your business for success. 

2 - Experience

Your outsourced IT provider should have industry experience, knowledge and expertise in managing your IT infrastructure. Choosing an inexperienced provider can be more risk than reward, so it’s best to go with the experts.

Since 2009, Lily has grown to be the home of digital transformation, offering award-winning solutions in telecom and IT. We’ve supported hospitality, education, retail, professional services, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and real estate businesses to improve collaboration and increase customer satisfaction.

3 - Services

When selecting your Managed Service Provider, assess what services they offer. Some MSPs may specialise in cyber security, while others only manage your IT infrastructure. 

If you want to eliminate your IT challenges, choose an MSP with a comprehensive service offering. You’ll feel assured that you’ll always have the proper support if any IT issue arises. 

At Lily, we’ll oversee your IT strategy, perform proactive maintenance, implement security measures and bring in leading collaboration tools.

4 - Customer Support

Your MSP should be ready to handle any IT challenge that comes their way. Find out the MSP’s response time and whether they offer emergency support. 

With Lily, you’ll get support within 30 minutes of contacting our help desk during business hours. You can also access our teams on evenings and weekends. 

5 - Security Practices  

With cyber crime rising, now is the time to advance your IT security. But first, you need a Managed Service Provider who follows strict security regulations. Look out for a certification in Cyber Essentials as a sign of compliance. 

Outsource Your IT Requirements to Lily 

As your Managed Service Provider, we’ll improve your company’s security, connectivity and collaboration with the best IT services. Contact Lily today to discover how we can help you

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