12th August 2020

Returning to the office

Another day, another worrying headline talking about local lockdowns, second waves and dramatic spikes. It feels a lifetime ago to most office workers when they were last in the office. For most employees home working is staying for longer than originally thought.

Today we sit in a society where the three-step plan has been successfully rolled out where we can go out for unlimited exercise, shops are open as well as the hospitality industry. Also, employers are now able to ask employees to return to the workplace since the 1st August.

Every day life has returned as we know it, so we wanted to reflect on our blog written a few months ago ‘Life after coronavirus’. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still very much present within our society, so how has this changed our movements?
Flexible working?

Many businesses have been speaking about the benefits of home working and from the pandemic have been influenced to make changes to their workforces contracts.
We are supporting businesses by providing them with the means to collect data such as call stats, presence status and productivity tools to ensure high productivity is constantly being achieved.

Cashless society?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a game changing moment as society is getting used to utilising contactless because it’s a safer, cleaner way to pay but it’s also extremely convenient especially being able to pay using your mobile phone.
We think this is an exciting move as there’s so many benefits to businesses, especially those who make the change to be completely cashless, reduced risk of theft, easier reconciliation, fast service plus all the hygiene plus points.
Less travelling?

A lot of people are missing the stay at home guidelines because since the relax of the lockdown the traffic has returned. Conducting meetings virtually is a great way for businesses to meet their prospects and customers, provide value and still have time for other tasks within their day.

Video conferencing is a great tool post COVID, as when businesses grow, they grow a more global footprint as teams become more geographically dispersed, making face to face collaboration increasingly difficult.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog, if you need help preparing for a second lock down or would like to improve your remote working setup please get in touch.

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