August 8th 2023


When Your Area Will Stop Being Supported

In 2025, the UK government is set to phase out all ISDN and PSTN telecommunication networks. Commonly known as the ‘BT ISDN Switch Off’, this project will be a huge shift for companies using traditional phone systems and is vital to make necessary changes before it is too late. 

While there are still two years until the official switch off, many areas have already been moved to a Stop Sell phase. When you enter this phase, you will no longer be able to get Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) products, which include ISDN and analogue lines. WLR operate over PSTN copper line network which will all be switched off come December 2025. 

The withdrawal of WLR products and services is a clear marker that you need to update your current telecommunications before it is too late. If you continue on your contract with your telecoms provider after the Stop Sell phase, you won’t be able to renew your contract and will face significant upheaval in upgrading and changing your obsolete comms system. Now is the time to get organised! 

Read on to find out the next group of areas to face the Stop Sell phase and learn more about the ISDN Switch Off and the alternative solutions available.

32 Areas that Will Move to the Stop Sell Phase on the 9th of November 2023

BT’s preparation for the ISDN Switch Off has already commenced with the end of WLR products and services across the UK. The next group of areas to move to their Stop Sell is on the 9th of November 2023. You could be next - check our list below to find out. 

We will update this list regularly, so please check back soon if your area is not listed. 

  1. Aberconwy, Bryn Pydew 
  2. Ashgrove, Aberdeen
  3. Kincorth, Aberdeen
  4. Acocks Green, Birmingham
  5. Aldbury Common, Aldbury
  6. Baillieston, Glasgow
  7. Broomhill, Sheffield
  8. Cannock, Staffordshire
  9. Cholesbury, Chesham
  10. Claudy, Londonderry
  11. Colaton Raleigh, Newton Poppleford
  12. Cranhill, Glasgow
  13. Cross Hands, Pen-y-groes
  14. Sowton, Exeter 
  15. Exminster, Exeter
  16. Falmouth, Cornwall
  17. Fradley, Staffordshire
  18. Highway, Coventry
  19. Holy Island, Northumberland 
  20. Idle, Bradford
  21. Inverurie, Aberdeen
  22. Kingsthorpe, Northampton
  23. Lyth, Howe
  24. Moscow, East Ayrshire 
  25. Newport Pagnell,
  26. Roath, Cardiff
  27. Shefford, Bedforshire 
  28. Smallfield, Horley
  29. Stetchworth, Dullingham
  30. Verwood, Dorset
  31. Wem, Shropshire 
  32. Willaston, Crewe

If your area is on this list, contact Lily today to get a VoIP solution set up for your business. 

What Is ISDN and PSTN?

An ISDN line stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. ISDNs are phone lines that transfer digital data (voice) over the PSTN - the Public Switched Telephone Network. The PSTN has been around since the 21st century, originally dating back to the 1800s to allow for information to be sent through a copper wire network. 

BT initially introduced ISDN lines in 1986 and was the only option for telecommunications before VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and SIP Trunking came into place. Many businesses still rely on ISDN networks for transmitting phone calls and fax transfers, making it a reliable system that has supported the nation’s networking for the last few decades. 

What Is the ISDN Switch Off? 

BT will be switching off ISDN and PSTN lines by 2025 and will shift all old networks over to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). SIP allows you to send voice and multimedia such as instant messaging and video calls over the internet rather than the PSTN. 

Despite ISDN serving us well for decades, it now no longer holds its place in the modern digital age and has become obsolete. Maintaining this network has become increasingly expensive and is different to the current systems. For example, ISDN loses around 90% of its signal strength at distances greater than 100 metres compared to the current VoIP fibre technology which loses only 3%. It is now unstainable to keep outdated networks like ISDN and PSTN. 

The switch off will have a significant impact on businesses as they will need to upgrade their current comms infrastructure to VoIP. This project will cause service disruptions for both your customers and your operations, so you need to plan accordingly before this inconvenience becomes a serious problem. 

Introducing VoIP: The Best Alternative to ISDN 

Join the switchover movement and future-proof your communications infrastructure with Lily. The Lily Cloud VoIP phone system is hosted in the cloud and uses SIP to transfer your voice into a digital signal over the internet.

When implementing VoIP, you will benefit from: 

  • Traditional features of ISDN systems - you will still be able to access all the features you know and love such as caller ID, voicemail and call forwarding.
  • Modern features - VoIP technology allows you to record calls, monitor analytics, integrate your CRM system, video call and send live messages.
  • Flexible working practices - VoIP improves accessibility for your entire organisation as phone calls and messaging can be picked up at the office, at home or on the road as long as there’s a broadband connection.
  • Cost savings - VoIP technology will deliver high-quality calls whilst saving you between 30-60% on your monthly line rental when switching from ISDN or Analogue lines. 
  • Scalability - As VoIP is hosted over the internet, you do not need additional, costly hardware or extensions as you scale your operations. 

Lily Cloud is our fully hosted VoIP system that blends both traditional features from ISDN systems with modern, digital technology that will boost employee productivity and increase operational efficiencies. If you are interested in migrating to VoIP before the switch off, contact our expert team today to find out how we can help you.  

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