February 21st 2024


In 2022, Lily partnered with Trio Media as their telecoms and Managed Service Provider (MSP). However, our relationship with Trio, a digital marketing agency in Leeds, started long before this. 

Lily and Trio have been working together since 2019. Trio originally built our website and continues to support us with our marketing strategy and campaigns. As Trio grew their agency over the years, they saw Lily as the natural fit to support them on their growth journey. 

Discover how we helped Trio Media in our case study below.

The Challenge

Trio’s main goal was to find an IT and telecoms partner to help them grow. As they expanded their team and client base, Trio realised that their workspace no longer accommodated their needs. So, in 2022, they moved out of a serviced office into a dedicated space just for them.

Trio had to change their business telephone number, move their team and source a telecoms and Wi-Fi provider. Before the move, they implemented a 4-month timeline (March to June) to fit out the office and organise all the solutions they needed to be operational. 

How Lily Supports Trio Media

Lease Line 

At the time, Trio’s employees predominantly worked in the office, so being operational from day one was a priority. They needed strong connectivity to support bandwidth-intense activities, which included building websites, using design software and holding video calls

The Lily team installed a leased line to accommodate the team’s internet usage and the hosted telephone system we had put in place. Trio benefited from a super-fast, private broadband line from the get-go, allowing them to enjoy their new office without disruption.

A leased line was Trio’s most viable solution, as it could scale with their business as they grew. 

Hosted Phone System

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses had to move their operations online. Trio brought this hybrid approach to their workplace, allowing the team to work from home, the office, or while travelling for client meetings. 

We set up a VoIP cloud phone system, which allowed Trio to answer phone calls from anywhere. The Lily team tailored their hosted phone system with hunt groups, which routed incoming calls from new and existing businesses to the right people. As VoIP works through the cloud, their employees could pick up calls through a Unified Communications (UC) platform that works on mobile and desktop. 

Our hosted phone systems are easy to manage, so Trio can quickly manage users and add or remove them as needed. 

Managed IT

Before the team moved in, we installed a computer system in their boardroom to host video conferences and collaborative meetings between hybrid workers. 

Later in the year, Trio required professional IT services to keep their team, clients and data secure. We improved their IT infrastructure with Lily Shield, our complete IT package. Trio now has expert IT support, patch management, web protection, anti-virus and spam management. 

Now, 18 months later, Trio has grown their team from 9 to 19 people. Our digital transformation services supported Trio's expansion, improving service levels and enabling more flexible and agile working. Claire Daniels, CEO of Trio Media, adds:

“Lily has been an integral part of our business growth. With their support, our team has become more flexible and productive, allowing us to meet the demands of our client base.” 

Get Scalable IT & Telecoms Solutions at Lily 

Lily is dedicated to helping the professional service sector work and collaborate effortlessly with their team and clients. Contact Lily to discuss your goals and learn how we can help you today. 

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