March 31st 2021


The Dark Web is a very real thing, it’s the online hub for cyber criminals and it’s impossible to prevent the traffic of illegal activity that goes on daily. There are millions of visitors every day and new websites and black marketplaces being created 24/7!

Because it’s literally untraceable, criminals are more motivated to carry out cybercrime now than ever, and with the rising price of Bitcoins and more investors in Cryptocurrency then before, it’s no wonder that transactions over the Dark Web have increased ten-fold.

The DarkMarket, once the largest illegal web marketplace worth $140 million gave the Cybercrime unit a struggle to take down as there were over 20 servers to locate, leading to more than 60 arrests worldwide.

Bitcoin is the most popular form of currency on the Dark Web, Bitcoin can’t be tracked like a bank transfer, so trading is happening every second and there’s no way to know who is buying or selling!

Did you know: 80% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen passwords and/or weak or guessable passwords!

There is huge marketplace in the dealing of selling data. Nowadays, cybercriminals are leveraging this fact by making a hefty profit stealing login details of businesses and users, and selling them to other criminals who no doubt have malicious intent (whether it be to identity theft, transfer money, steal data, blackmail etc.)

It’s a waiting game, is that a risk you’re willing to take?

Your business logins could already be compromised, and you would only know once a buyer has bought your details and carried out a cyberattack on your business. With our Dark Web ID™ Monitoring solution, we can scan through millions of sources, finding a match of any login details for sale that use your businesses domain. We can periodically scan through the Dark Web and give you the heads up before it’s too late.

If you're worried that your details might not be safe, contact us for a free audit of the dark web to find your stolen passwords. Please call us on 0343 507 1111 or fill in the quick and easy contact from below.

Protect your business today.


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