August 9th 2021


Microsoft 365 has shot in popularity over the years, with many organisations and businesses choosing to use as their main way to store files and data. Many may be surprised to learn however that Microsoft doesn’t provide a backup strategy for 365. Microsoft operates on a Shared Responsibility Model which means that Microsoft delivers the applications and the infrastructure to support them. When it comes to the users data however, Microsoft realises that the responsibility regarding data is shared between them and the user themselves. This therefore means that organisations need to put their own backup solution in place.

Why is this important?

First and foremost, having a backup solution in place protects your organisations data and files. There are numerous ways you can lose your data, such as accidental or malicious deletion, malware or ransomware attacks, as well as system or human errors. Without having a cloud backup solution in place for Microsoft 365, you have limited access and control of your own data. 

Third party attacks, such as ransomware, can target organisations data and have crippling and costly affects on a business. Cybercrime attacks are reported to be on the rise, with ransomware attacks occurring every 11 seconds, as new data shows. By putting a backup recovery system in place will protect your data should your business fall victim to a cyberattack and guarantee that you won’t lose it all.

What are the features of a backup system?

There are many features and benefits to having a backup system in place such as;

  • Revert to a previous point-in-time copy of your data
  • Restore your data directly back into the cloud
  • Protect your data from deliberate or accidental deletion from employees
  • Retain your data after your subscription has ended

If you’re an existing 365 user with Lily, you can purchase a backup system through us and ensure that your data and files stay protected. Alternatively, if you’re looking to make the switch to cloud based documents, we can offer you Microsoft 365 licenses at lower than retail price. Get in touch to speak to one of our team members and start backing up your data today.

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