April 11th 2019




UC&C stands for Unified Communications and Collaboration. Unified Communications is a term that has been used for some time to describe the integration of communication services into one central platform. This means all your voice & telephony systems can integrate with mobile, instant messaging, presence, audio, video, web conferencing and more. The benefit of Unified Communications (UC) is the ability to centrally manage all your communications tools in one place. The addition of collaboration allows businesses to additionally manage a combination of tools used for collaboration, such as screen and document sharing, document creation and storage, along with so much more. UC&C provides businesses with an integrated and efficient service for managing all their business productivity needs.


UC&C allows you to centrally manage your communication and collaboration tools to make your business communications and I.T. easier to manage. In addition, you can also benefit from the following:

  • -Increased productivity: Single sign on and consistency of UI makes it easier for employees to navigate systems and get the job done. Put simply, the more efficient the tools, the more efficient your employees will become.
  • -Improved collaboration and communication: Being able to seamlessly switch from a phone call to a video call, in order to screen share and send documents in reference to your conversation is a game changer.
  • -Reduced costs: Moving to a UC&C platform with one provider helps you to streamline your I.T. costs by negating the implementation of several standalone communication and collaboration platforms. Say goodbye to Skype, Slack, GotoMeeting and more, with your productivity tools all in one place.
  • -Innovative working: Place your company at the forefront of business technology usage by embracing new systems, helping to attract new talent and retain employees in the process.


At Lily, we have access to the most innovative voice and I.T. solutions to allow you to embrace UC&C technology in your workplace. Our brand-new product, Collaborate, allows you to communicate effortlessly with integration between your desktop phone, PC or laptop and mobile. Talk on the go, share your desktop, instant message, hold a web conference and more. Great for employees to collaborate, but even more effective when you combine the power of the technology to collaborate with guests outside of your organisation. External participants don’t need a license to start working with you, making your external communications far more efficient. Whether you’re managing agency relationships, working with clients overseas or you constantly work from home or on the road, Collaborate is a powerful system that will allow you to communicate so much easier.

Pair this with our range of productivity solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365, along with the option of our other managed I.T. solutions, and Lily are the perfect partner to save your business time and money as you grow.

For more information about our range of services, including our UC&C suite of products, contact us today.

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