September 29th 2021


Many know by now that BT are committed to terminating traditional ISDN phone lines by 2025, meaning businesses across the UK must make the switch to another solution. The alternative solution? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a hosted solution that allows users to make calls using an internet connection. As many users make the switch to VoIP solutions, this therefore means that they have a heavier reliance on their broadband connection.

SoGEA (which stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) is the latest connectivity solution to hit the market. But what exactly is it?

SoGEA provides businesses with the same superfast internet speeds that Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) offers yet at a fraction of the cost. It uses the same infrastructure as FTTC and benefits from the same geographic availability but there isn’t any need to have a landline in place.

What are the benefits?

Fast speeds at a fraction of the cost

SoGEA is cheaper than having the combined costs of both a broadband package and a phone line. Typically, SoGEA proves to be around 30% cheaper than FFTC. By pairing SoGEA connectivity with a hosted voice solution, your business could benefit from huge savings.

Increase your efficiencies

SoGEA runs over the internet, which means that there is less of a chance of interface and an unstable connection. You will be provided with a faster and more reliable connection too, increasing efficiencies in the company as your staff can work with a quicker WiFi speed. This is the perfect solution for both offices and those that work remotely.

Simple to manage

With SoGEA, there is no need to make two orders, and everything is simplified into one, easy to manage order. This makes installations quicker and easier to manage as well as allowing faults to be resolved faster than before. You will no longer have to ring different helpdesks for your phone line and your broadband - it can all be managed with one solution.

Future proof your business

As mentioned previously, the ISDN network will be shut off in 2025. Many businesses have already started making the switch in preparation for the shutdown. By switching to SoGEA, you can guarantee that your business is prepared for this, and your connectivity solution is future-proofed.

Are you yet to make the switch and wish to future-proof your business ahead of the switch off? Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our connectivity specialists about SoGEA and the best options for your business.

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