April 20th 2022


Are you already feeling the pinch due to the price increase for your Microsoft 365 licences?

Are you wondering if it’s even worth it?

For the first time in 10 years the cost of Microsoft 365 went up in March 2022. This rise in price was not without reason, with a wealth of new additions, features and improvements, Microsoft were adapting to the changing workforce landscape.

With so many employees keen to continue working from home or adopting a hybrid way of working, Microsoft saw an increase in the need for their business solutions. So, are they just cashing in on our need or are they giving us more bang for our buck?

What are the New Features of Microsoft 365?

A List Maker’s Dream

Microsoft are pushing some of their lesser used apps; one of which is aimed at small businesses. In January 2022 they wrote a blog post which included the line ‘Time to clear your brain space and get organized. In short, it’s time to try the Microsoft Lists.’ This list making app could actually help increase office productivity, here is how.

With over 40% of workers spending around 25% of their week completing repetitive tasks, it is easy to see why a lists-based app could be useful.  The app allows you to share all of your plans with your colleagues, family or friends. You can even use the app to plan internal events, digitise your reception sign in sheet, streamline your recruitment process and even keep on top of your project management.

A Flexible Canvas App

Microsoft rebranded their ‘Fluid’ app and created Microsoft Loop. The app comes with a sleek new look and allows workers to communicate and collaborate with ease and in real-time. You and your colleagues can all work on one document at the same time and see what changes are being made and by whom.

Loop pages are flexible spaces where you can keep your project files and data organised in one place and provides instant access to everything for everyone in your team. These pages allow you and your team to work, create and think together, and it is this heightened sense of collaboration which we believe is a must for any hybrid working business. 

PowerPoint on Steroids

Do you deliver a lot of online presentations? Well, rumour has it that in the coming months a new update to PowerPoint will integrate recording studio with cameo. This will give you the power to record and add a video feed to your presentation respectively. Another cool addition will be a new language interpretation feature for Teams, which allows human interpreters dial into your presentation and provide live translation for international guests.

Affordable Microsoft 365 Licences

With all of these new features and more, Lily believes that Microsoft 365 is worth it and we can help make it affordable. We have helped 86% of our customers to save money and we can help you by offering you a 365 licence below RRP pricing!

Our simple, no hassle process guarantees you zero downtime in the switchover process. Simply enquire online using our form to get a quote for your business and we’ll do the rest. Switch and save with Lily today.


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