March 20th 2019


Imagine this, it’s 2019 and your customers are just one click away from you. Sounds too good to be true, right? Except you’re wrong, because technology today has placed the power into consumers hands to have everything they need at just one click.

Technology has evolved to give consumers what they want, when they want it and – perhaps most importantly – at the speed at which they want it. Take Amazon Prime as an example. A monthly subscription, paid by online shoppers, to ensure they can make a purchase with one click and get it delivered the very next day. No complicated checkouts, no waiting uncertainly about whether your item is arriving in 3 or 5 days – it’s there before you know it. Because of this service, Amazon Prime customers then return to Amazon for repeat purchases – statistics show that Prime customers are worth more than double the value to Amazon than a non-Prime customer.

Instagram is another great example; announced today (20.03.2019), they are launching ‘Checkout on Instagram’, a piece of new functionality that facilitates in app shopping. This is a huge development for the one-click generation, as it integrates both influencing and browsing with direct purchasing. Great news for brands, great news for influencers, but most importantly, great news for consumers. The speed at which they want to get things done and the technology that they expect to facilitate their demands, is improving by the minute.


There are clear revenue opportunities for retail businesses looking to capitalise on making money from demanding, one-click consumers. However, there is a bigger lesson here to be learnt for businesses who are looking to evolve and focus on digital transformation, but still need to know what this looks like in practice.

Digital transformation means using technology to it’s fullest potential, improving your business systems and processes by using technology to always think digital first. A great strategy is to look at how consumer facing businesses interact with their consumers and using their methods to influence how you want digital transformation to look in your organisation.

It’s clear that technology is constantly moving towards accessibility in one click. As younger generations come into the world of work, they expect the systems they are given to perform with to work the same way as the technology they use at home. Unfortunately, many businesses are still using outdated systems that are ineffective and unintuitive, ultimately costing your business time and money. There has never been a more important time as a business to ensure that the technology you’re using is future-proofed.


You need systems in place that are not going to be quickly superseded by more innovative technology. Opting for a quick win now could cost you immensely further down the line when your new systems are not compatible with old infrastructure or hardware. Future-proofing your organisation requires you to look at the direction technology is moving in today and ensuring you’re heading in the same direction in the systems you choose to use as a business. As younger generations come into the workplace, they are going to be the driving force of new technologies, meaning you need to decide whether to innovate or let your business stagnate.


At Lily, we’re working with some of the most cutting-edge Unified Communications platforms and I.T. Solutions. We have access to a range of market leading services meaning that we can tailor our offering to provide you with the most innovative solution whilst still meeting the demands of your business. We can help you think cloud, think mobile and think collaboration to help future-proof your business.

If you need help with your digital transformation strategy and want to future-proof your business for success, contact our specialists todayfor more information on the rising demands of technology (and its users).

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