June 18th 2020


Thermal imaging and fever screening can support businesses by providing a first line of defence against individuals infecting others with illnesses such as coronavirus. Implementing a thermal imaging camera will help to create a safe environment where employees and customers can feel more comfortable returning to work or to shop.

CAT's thermal imaging smartphone can be used to screen people's temperature in three easy steps. The technology requires no natural light and does not require physical contact with the target to read temperature. The thermal imaging camera can be mounted 1.5m away for accurate results. 

Step 1: Mount smartphone in the tripod

Step 2: Launch temperature app

Step 3: Set the specific temperature

Many businesses are having to adjust to the new normal and implement new measures to make their workplace safe for people to visit. Fever screening through the use of thermal imaging cameras is just one of many ways that can help to build a defense against COVID-19. Please note, a high temperature is a symptom of COVID-19 but a thermal imaging camera cannot accurately detect whether someone has coronavirus and should not be used in the place of official tests.

Find out more about thermal imaging cameras by contacting us; we have device only or pay monthly options available.

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