October 15th 2021


With the majority of businesses now welcoming staff back into the office, most would have been shocked to see that their recent office bills have drastically increased. With more people in the office comes increased business energy usage, as well as more vulnerability for cybercrime to strike your local business network.

How to make savings quickly

Reduce your business energy tariff

With the increased usage in gas and electricity, moving to a cheaper business energy tariff is the best way to make savings quickly. With Lily Energy, we work with a pool of over 20+ energy providers and can move you to the most cost-effective business energy tariff available. Whether it’s a fixed or flexible contract, you can choose what you prefer, as well as select renewable energy if you want your business to go green.

Fill in the contact form on this page to learn more and to get in contact with our Business Energy Specialists.

Lily Pay Merchant Services

Moving your merchant services to us, allows you to make a saving on every purchase that is made to your business. Whether it’s a traditional EPOS terminal or a wireless option, no matter your business type, Lily Pay has a merchant services option for you. You could save up to 35% on your current merchant services bill.

How to increase security at the workplace

Patch Management

Your desktop and laptop machines need to be kept on the most up-to-date operating systems and software at all times. Windows constantly releases security updates to prevent users from being victim to new cyber threats that are created and released into the wide-web. Also, your programs and applications, such as Microsoft Office, if on an older version can be used as a gateway for malware to strike your network.

We can mass update your business devices during out-of-work hours to keep downtime to a minimal. All this requires is that you keep your machine powered on once the work day has finished. If your update hours are set after, the next morning you will return to an up-to-date work station.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

With the new hybrid-working dynamic, constant travelling and a move to laptops means that there is more risk of devices being stolen or lost. MDM will give us, or your IT Admins the ability to remotely wipe and block devices and prevent your private data from being accessed.

Lily Shield – Complete Security

Lily Shield is our complete IT Security package that includes the above security tools, as well as a whole host of powerful solutions to protect your business. We offer different package levels to pick from, giving the option to choose the best plan for your business. Click this link to visit our IT page, and fill out our form if you are interested.

Returning to the office and want to make savings? If you are interested in any of our product offerings mentioned above, get in touch via the contact form below, or call us on 0343 507 1111.

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