April 12th 2021

The future of meeting rooms, adapting to ‘Hybrid’

With many businesses witnessing huge benefits from employee’s working from home, many organisations have introduced flexible working, a ‘hybrid’ way of working.

There’s one problem that many organisations are now having to re-think their office spaces and adjust them to work in the ‘new normal’.

1.  Make sure your meeting rooms are setup for video conferencing

With the new prospective ‘hybrid office’, this will bring the need to ensure employees can effectively communicate, whether they are working from home or within the office environment. Employees who are working from home will still need to attend meetings so it’s essential to have an effective setup in place to ensure your employees are highly engaged.

At Lily, we recommend you do this by introducing video conferencing software within your meeting rooms. By utilising video, you get to see them as though they are in the room with you and as a result of this, they feel more involved and the collaboration is far better!

2.  Ensure you have a booking system in place

Meetings are a key part of every organisation. They help make better and faster decisions and allow creative thinking and innovation.

More so than ever, people will want to get together once they are back in the office environment, that’s why it’s important to ensure you have a booking system in place. By having such a system in place will avoid numerous team members trying to use the room at the same time. Even more positives and efficiencies will come from this too such as meetings will only be planned in when there’s a clear agenda to be discussed and meetings will have a more rigid time structure in place!

3.  Zapier

Move information between apps by automating repetitive tasks with Zapier.

Connecting to Teams means users can instantly send and share information between the two, making it easier to facilitate chat workflows amongst your team.

4.  Ensure employees maintain 2m distance

As mentioned in the last point, more so than ever people will want to get together once they are back in the office. It’s important to ensure social distancing is still obeyed and employees know how many people can be within your designated spaces. If you have too many people, having the facilities of hosting the meeting online too comes into its own. 

5.  Minutes are taken electronically – utilise Microsoft Teams

To ensure maximum efficiency make sure you are utilising online workspaces, at Lily we recommend Microsoft Teams.

You can have designated teams for different matters, within the Team workspace you can send messages, share files and pin documents to the top such as minutes and actions for all attendees to see.


Meeting rooms are expected to make a comeback, however new technology needs to be integrated to ensure all employees can join from wherever they are working from.

To ensure employee’s safety and gain business efficiencies booking systems for meeting rooms should be introduced.

At Lily, we are here to support businesses by preparing video conferencing rooms which will ensure your office employees and remote workers can effectively communicate.

To find out more about our video conferencing room solutions, speak to one of our digital transformation specialists today.


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