June 8th 2021


Merchant services are one of the most important aspects to running a successful retail business. After all, every business needs money in order to grow and operate. At Lily, we offer multiple channels of collecting money, depending on the type of business. Read on to find out which terminal option would be best for your business requirements.

Physical Stores and Till Covers

This terminal option involves a desktop payment device connecting to your telephone line (PSTN) or your broadband connection (IP). Customers are able to make quick card payments either via contactless or chip and pin.

Restaurant and Bars

If you own a restaurant or bar, then you may consider having a portable device which uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to communicate to a base unit, which is connected to the desktop device. A unit will still be connected to your telephone or broadband line, but you have the option to move around with the payment unit and take the payment services directly from the customer at their table.

Market or Mobile Traders

This option offers a fully mobile solution to businesses. The merchant device uses a GPRS signal to achieve connectivity and has a physical roaming SIM card inside to find the best network for your area. If you regularly sell at market stalls, fairs or visit your clients at home, then this is the best option for you.


E-commerce payment options have continued to grow year after year, especially in the current climate. According to J.P.Morgan, the UK ranks as the third-largest e-commerce market in the world and e-commerce sales, as a proportion of total retail sales, hit a record high in the UK in April 2020. They accounted for 30.7% of all sales, compared to 19.3% before the pandemic.
At Lily, we have a wide range of online payment solutions, meaning we have a solution for every business. We can offer a simple hosted website form, to a fully integrated API integration and shopping cart plugins for all the most used e-commerce platforms. Our payment system is fully secure and easy for the customer to use.

Using Lily Pay makes collecting money easier than it has ever been. Businesses can save up to 35% by using Lily as their merchant services provider. Send a copy of your current merchant services bill to us and we will create a like-for-like comparison and demonstrate how much money we can save you.


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