September 28th 2020


With more businesses making the move to work from home because of the latest Government advice, this makes businesses more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Remote working opens the door to new opportunities for cyber-criminals to take advantage of if you haven’t invested in the latest infrastructure to support remote working.

It’s really important to take IT Security seriously to protect your assets. Many businesses across the UK have unfortunately been hacked because of the current climate.

Is it time your organisation tested the effectiveness of its IT strategy?

Regular IT health checks are essential ensuring you have the correct controls in place to protect your systems and data. IT performance can be tricky to gauge, you might not get any regular issues so you believe everything is ok – but it’s possible to have severe issues that aren’t visible.

An IT health check works much like a car MOT, if you’re not a professionally trained mechanic you have no idea on the state of your vehicle. It’s the law to have a yearly assessment on 3 years+ cars to ensure they are road safe – the same weight should be applied to IT assessments but from the very beginning of the businesses journey.  

At Lily, we are here to help make sure your business isn’t stuck in the dark ages with our FREE health check. Our IT health check covers:

  • Checking your infrastructure
  • Ensuring automatic updates are setup
  • Monitoring your resource and cloud usage and much more!

From completing the IT health check, we can provide solutions for any infrastructure gaps to ensure your business is in good health and has a strong IT strategy to shield your business from attacks.

Our IT support ‘Lily Shield’ is available in three service levels (Lite, Standard and Business) depending on your needs and requirements. Our support is robust, our agents are dedicated and available when you need them plus our products and services are award winning.

Make sure an IT health check is prioritised on your ‘to-do’ list, get your FREE IT health check by contacting us by clicking here.

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