June 28th 2017



SEO can put your small business on the online map, the most popular advertising platform. Here are 3 simple SEO fixes you can do right now by yourself to boost your page ranking.


Improving Page Speed will not only boost your website rankings, it will also potentially lead to more web-based conversions. People are impatient, especially when browsing the web. Most will leave a site and move to the next one if they need to wait long for a site to load. Improving your Page Speed will keep visitors on your website, visitors who may end up being customers.

Google Page Speed Insights will give you a score of how fast your website is on Mobile and Desktop devices and will give you recommendations of what you can do to improve your score. The higher the score, the faster your page speed. Just put in your website URL and get started.

What usually slows most websites down are images. Especially images that aren’t optimised. Using this image optimising tool, you can greatly reduce the size of your images and in turn, get a faster page speed. You can find images that need to be optimised using the same Google Page Speed tool mentioned above.

You should aim for the fastest site speed that you can, without sacrificing web content. A fast loading website is great, but a website that looks good is arguably more important.


If your website isn’t mobile friendly you could be missing out on web traffic. This may take more time than the other SEO fixes listed on this blog post, but it’s definitely worth it. Phones are the most popular device for browsing the web so most of your visitors will probably be using them. You could potentially increase the number of web conversions as well as going up in page ranking if you make your website Mobile-Friendly. Just like with Page Speed where users will leave your website if it takes long to load. If users stumble upon a website that doesn’t work well with their iPhones, they will go elsewhere and probably won’t ever look back.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test will allow you to see whether or not your website is Mobile friendly. Use this tool to get recommendations to make your website mobile friendly.  But also, dive through your website on your own mobile and fix what the tool can’t see. It’s people who are actually going to be your customers, after all, so make sure the mobile experience is pleasant.


Broken hyperlinks frustrate users and won’t put you on good terms with search engines. Using Screaming Frog SEO Spider, you can find the pages on your website that have broken links and know what those links are. Alternatively, you can use Google Search Console to find broken links also.

These SEO fixes won’t put your website to the number 1 ranking position for a competitive keyword, but they will improve your ranking position over time. You may not feel the benefits straight away but your visitors will. You may even see an increase in the number of web conversions once these fixes have been implemented.

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