October 2nd 2020


From 1 December 2020, any premises in Salisbury exchange enabled for FTTP will only be able to order FTTP.

What is FTTP?

Full Fibre – also known as fibre to the premises or FTTP – is where fibre is run all the way to your door. No copper cables. No sharing with your neighbours. You're plugged straight into the greatest and most reliable network the country has ever seen. 

The project has been a huge success and will support 20,000 businesses and homes and will future proof businesses and bring investment to the City.

Here are some of the benefits of FTTP:

More reliable than copper:

A Full Fibre connection means streaming and downloading becomes a lot easier – say goodbye to buffering video calls or interruptions to your signal.

Speeds up to 1gb:

The fastest, most reliable broadband has arrived with speeds up to 1gb. This allows your team to be more productive as previous waiting times can be spent getting more done. 

Better home working experience:

Better connectivity enables more people to work from home and for them to have a better experience. During the Coronavirus businesses across the globe have realised the benefits to home working plus not forgetting the benefit to the environment. Did you know fibring up the whole UK could save up to 300 million commuting trips – reducing carbon emissions by 360,000 tonnes according to Openreach.  

Better signal and less downtime:

The Full Fibre infrastructure cuts out the cabinet to deliver lightspeed broadband direct to your door. This provides your business with a better connection and more time spent doing what you do best.

Full Fibre is an exciting innovative technology which is going to allow huge economic growth for businesses across the UK. If you’re in Salisbury we can support you in upgrading to FTTP safely, without any disruption to service, get in touch today!

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