March 16th 2022


Whenever you check your emails, use Google Maps, or refresh your Facebook on the go, you’re using data – handy right? Well, following Britain’s withdrawal from the EU in turns out our much-needed data may now come at a price.  

What Is Data Roaming? And What’s Changed?

Data roaming is when you use your mobile phone abroad and in doing so, you use mobile network data in that country. Between 2017 and the end of 2020, UK consumers could use the minutes, texts and data included on their existing mobile phone tariffs when travelling in the EU – and unfortunately there’s been a few changes since then.

Now, instead of being able to ‘roam like you’re at home’ individual phone operators are reintroducing roaming charges to travellers heading to Europe. As a result, people returning from holidays later this year could be faced with a much bigger mobile bill than expected; so, avoid any nasty surprises and double check with your mobile provider!

What Charges Will There Be?

Roaming charges can be high when travelling, therefore it’s important to do your research before jetting off abroad. Despite the previous suggestion that all the big UK phone networks would not reintroduce EU roaming charges after Brexit, all but one has.

For those with mobile contracts with Vodafone, Three or EE, you’re likely to face reinstated roaming charges from now onwards. The mobile network providers have each opted for a general charge of £2 a day for roaming in the EU; with EE and Vodafone introducing the fees from January 2022 and Three from May 2022.

O2 and Virgin Mobile however have decided not to reintroduce roaming charges – so if you have a business trip or a well-earned holiday in the EU booked, you may decide to switch networks.

Switching is easy with Lily as we’ll manage the whole contract switchover for you, and we’ll review your contract on a quarterly basis to ensure you always get the best deal.

Facing Additional Charges

Whether or not your provider is reintroducing roaming charges, there are “fair use limits” on the amount of time you use your phone abroad.

If Brits spend more than half their time oversees, customers have been told that their operators will impose charges (measured by being in another country for more than 62 days in a four-month period); which introduces difficulties for individuals travelling for business.

Similarly, data limits are also subject to fair use restrictions with Vodafone and O2 customers capped at a usage of 25GB per month before additional charges. To avoid charges, make sure you know what roaming product your provider offers before heading abroad.

Travel With Ease

At Lily, we know how important it is to stay connected when you’re travelling for business. Access to emails, accounts and team communications is crucial to a successful trip and the last thing you need is a huge data bill for your efforts.

Allow us to keep you in the loop, managing your whole contract switchover and even moving your provider mid-contract if it means you can get a better service or rate! Call our Business Mobile team today at 0342 507 1111 or start a live chat to discuss your options.


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