October 14th 2020


Millions of people have been using Microsoft Teams for months during the coronavirus pandemic; it’s become a trusted application used by organisations worldwide.

More than likely, there’s a number of features you are not aware of. When using any software it’s really simple not to stray into the unknown when you think you are already utilising it’s key features.

Pre-pandemic Microsoft was a key tool for businesses from the original applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel to more innovative programmes such as SharePoint and PowerBi.

However, Teams now has made Microsoft a key place in the workstream collaboration marketplace. There’s so many integrations with apps and features which allow businesses to be more productive as well as using the video calling capabilities.

We wanted to highlight some key features of Teams you may not know about – we have put a whitepaper together to provide you with more information if you’re interested in seeing how they work.

Key Features:

Shortcuts via the search bar

Use the Microsoft Teams search bar to navigate, execute commands, or find people and content.

Separate your conversations into Channels

Channels are dedicated sections within a team to keep conversations organised by specific topics or projects.

Set urgency levels

Urgency levels can set, similar to when sending an email. This is great for when you need to get an answer quickly.

At Lily, we focus on creating our customers efficiencies to improve their operations. Utilising your unified communication tool is highly effective in improving how your business performs and communicates with each other.

Check out our Tips and Tricks whitepaper to find out more information on the above features you may not have been aware of which are really useful in saving time and being efficient.

If you haven’t got Microsoft Teams but are interested in using this collaborative solution simply get in touch.

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