April 23rd 2021

Internet of Things - What, How, Why?

Businesses are now adopting IoT fast and witnessing the benefits, if your business hasn’t it’s time to get onboard with the new technology. You don’t have to reinvent your business to take advantage – it’s pretty much guaranteed that you have potential for IOT solutions, you just don’t know it yet!

What is IoT

IoT encompasses embedding technology in everyday objects to capture data on its use. Simply put it’s basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the internet.

How IoT Works

IoT SIM cards allow devices to have connectivity, which then allows the device to carry out its task, all whilst sending data which behaviours can then be acted on. In most circumstances the need for human interaction is reduced or in some cases is fully removed which is a great advantage for businesses.

An example of IoT that everyone can relate to is a smart meter solution – it removes an engineer having to visit homeowners which in turn saves time and money from resource and travelling costs. Automation also solves problems and removes the human element therefore less room for error!

Another example been a coffee machine, using IoT technology a machine can flag when something is running low/empty, such as sugar. This would then result in a human behaviour been carried out from the knowledge the technology has provided.

Why do I need Internet of Things?

Now you know what IoT technology is and how it works, you will now want to know how and why your business needs IoT.

The primary reason for businesses to invest in IoT technology is because it helps them save time and money, it also allows the most efficient way of working due to strong data being collected. This is because they have access to more data about their own products and their own internal systems, and from this can make educated changes as a result.

You can also run business applications such as CCTV and VoIP on an IoT SIM card, no matter where you are as your device can connect to the best networks locally using a fixed IP address!


The IoT market is booming, it’s important to get involved and start feeling the benefits of it now. There’s so many uses of IoT technology, from simple proximity sensors to complex automation systems.

Get in touch to find out more about how Lily can help you adopt IoT technology.

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