June 14th 2018


Call Recording is extremely important, especially in this day and age when a number of transactions are still handled over the phone.

The ability to capture inbound and outbound phone conversations of staff who sell over the phone, or handle customer queries is convenient and may even be a legal requirement. There are many reasons why a business should record calls, here are just a few to keep in mind.



You are legally required to record calls if you take payment from customers over the phone. Due to the EU’s regulatory reforms, Mifid II which took effect in January 2018, financial firms are legally bound to record telephone calls.


Call Recording is an effective way of training your call staff with good call etiquette. Using an actual model call within your business, you can train your staff using a real-world example and effectively show them what they can expect when they get on the phone.

Recording calls is also an effective way of monitoring your staff to see their call performance. Going through a recorded call is a much more engaging and effective way of providing staff with feedback and help with certain call situations.


Staff can drastically increase efficiency and reduce potentially costly errors through call recordings, as they are the exact and closest auditory copy of a phone conversation.

Sending a call recording to an employee is fast and human-error free, in the sense that the employee is given the exact conversation, rather than a written summary that is susceptible to omission and inaccuracy.


Customer disputes can be handled with call recordings. For example, to establish whether the customer or the business was right in an agreement handled over the phone.

They can also be used to listen through to a customer phone query so your staff can hear exactly what problem the customer had, rather than a written summary from the original employee dealing with the customer that, as said before, is vulnerable to human error.


Our iPECS Phone Systems come with on-demand call recording for free, that can initiate call recording through the soft client or handset. Without the need for extra software, our iPECS communications solutions are flexible and cost-saving.

Additionally, the iPECS IP Call Recording is an integrated call recording and monitoring solution that is optimised for small to medium-sized businesses and is perfect for businesses that handle phone transactions on a daily basis.

Features of the iPECS IPCR include:

  • On-Demand or Automatic Call Recording as soon as a call is answered
  • Live call agent status monitoring
  • Store and find calls on the web through an intuitive user interface
  • much more 

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