May 17th 2017



iCall Suite is an award-winning application that provides complete communications management that integrates with your telephone system. iCall Suite covers a wide range of ground, including Call Recording and Call Statistics. Yep, all in one application. Let’s go through them all one by one.



iCall Suite gathers a myriad of call statistics. Of which you can display in a number of pre-built reports. If you are littered with lots of reports you can filter them down to find the report you want. You can save filtered reports in profiles that you can create, ousting the repetitive task of filtering down reports again and again.

Additionally, it allows you to create graphs from the data it collects to make your reports visually appealing and easier to understand. If you don’t have an application that records call statistics, you could be missing out on valuable data.

Through iCall Suite, you are able to see if there were calls after and before work hours. Furthermore, reports can be exported into excel files, into PDF’s, CVS’s, HTML Web pages and can be scheduled to be sent to your email inbox daily, weekly or even monthly.


The Dashboard of iCall Suite can be customised to your liking. For instance, you have the ability to recolour reports, resize them, add new reports or remove them.

There is real-time reporting, so you could display a dashboard to your customer service team showing real-time data of calls, such as how many were answered, how many were missed, and so on. Now you can track their progress as the day goes on.

What’s neat is that you can set up alarms that will be triggered in relation to the real-time reports. For example, if there are more than 5 calls unanswered, you can make the report on the dashboard flash red.

If there are more than 8 calls unanswered, you can then make the report flash red even faster and a sound clip can be played. All of this is customisable so you can make sure your staff are on their heels by using a sound clip of the boss scolding them for not picking up calls.


Call Recording, which is as self-explanatory as it gets, is the recording of calls. Now, your business may legally be required to record calls, to which I say iCall Suite should be something you should definitely look into, as it is built in.

But even if your business doesn’t need call recording, it could still benefit graciously. You could be able to settle legal disputes using recordings as evidence. In addition, you can use recordings to train your staff and monitor their performance. It’s an amazing feature to have and can always come in handy.

Through powerful filters, you are able to sieve down a large collection of recordings to find what you want. Filter down by many metrics, including date and time of the call, whether the call was incoming or outgoing and more.

Call Recordings can have Call Tags, which are labels that you can make (i.e. Sale, Follow-Up etc.). You’re able to flag recordings down by red, blue or green flags. You can filter down by the colour of flags and search for Call Tags.

iCall Suite comes with Playback, allowing you to listen to recordings within the application. This isn’t just a standard play and pause sound player. You’re able to highlight parts of the recording, to show people that the highlighted sound is something of interest/important. You also have the ability to trim the Call Recording down.


Call Evaluation is an amazing coaching tool that you can use to train staff in handling phone calls. With Call Evaluation, your workers have the ability to evaluate call recordings and can fill out a custom-made, yes/no and rating-scale survey, based on their performance.

Therefore, allowing you to spot staff that may need more training or support. Through Call Evaluation, you could use the evaluation as feedback, to discuss with your staff their issues and training.

Yeah, I wasn’t kidding. If you want a tool that oversees complete communications management, iCall Suite is it.

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