June 16th 2021


In the last year we have seen a rapid growth in hybrid working. As some of us start to slowly return to the office, there are still members of the team working from home, meaning that business wide communication still relies on virtual software. Unified communications are fundamental to businesses adopting a hybrid working strategy as they provide a variety of communications tools from within one platform, such as voice, video, chat and conferencing. Using WebRTC technology, unified communications software such as iPECS ONE, have become increasingly easier to use and are key in allowing businesses to communicate effectively and simply.

What is WebRTC?

To put it simply, WebRTC allows for voice and video communication to work inside browser web pages. This eliminates any need to download software or plugins and means that to join or start a chat with a colleague, all you simply need to do is click a link and you will be taken straight there.

How can this benefit flexible working?

Using WebRTC technology and communicating directly through your browser makes things easier for the user in a number of ways:

  • You don’t have to download any software and worry about the installation and updates as your only requirement is your web browser.
  • When communicating with a client or customer, you don’t have to worry about which device or software they have on the other end – they simply just need a web browser.
  • You will have a simple and easy user experience in the software tool you use most frequently.
  • You can access all communication options directly from your browser including voice, video and messaging.
  • It can reduce client support costs.
  • Delivers a better user experience.

By using platforms such as iPECS ONE to support hybrid working, your business will continue to work efficiently as team members are able to collaborate and communicate effectively. Connect multiple devices to one account, such as your mobile and laptop, to stay connected whilst working remote or on the go. Reach customers and clients easily via WebRTC technology, eliminating the stress that they don’t have the appropriate software installed on their end.

Find out more about iPECS ONE and how it can support your business in flexible working by getting in touch today.


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