January 5th 2022


Where would we have been during lockdown without Microsoft 365 Business? Home to many of our essential applications including Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint, along with the likes of Teams and OneDrive, the software system proved to be money well spent as working from home, digital communication and resilience-building became the ‘new normal’ for industries across the world.

It perhaps came as no surprise when Microsoft announced they were intending to raise their prices in a blog post on 19 August 2021. Simply titled ‘New pricing for Microsoft 365’, the decision came after ten years of devoted service to commercial and business subscribers, with the plan to increase figures by up to 25% on their packages, which are scheduled to take affect from 1 March 2022.


A Very Brief History of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 was created to provide users with a hub of communication and collaboration software that allows documents, resources, data and updates to be formed in various formats and easily shared and stored, with 1TB of storage now provided by OneDrive. A job well done, many would argue, with Office 365 having grown to over 300 million commercial paid users in a decade. 

The product was initially launched across 40 different markets, with the company still continuing to improve its software. This has included 24 new apps to the suite, such as Teams, Power BI, Visio and Yammer, and offers full integration with PCs, Macs, and Android and iOS devices. The more companies can take advantage of 365’s innovative features, the more valuable the investment.


What the Price Increases Really Mean

Many industry experts have noted Microsoft’s lower price increases on the more expensive bundles, seeming to suggest that companies should ‘spend more to save more’. But if we consider the impact Covid-19 has had on businesses and the ongoing changes we are still getting used to, it makes sense for companies to invest in the best as part of their ongoing future proofing and resilience strategies.

 With a few weeks before the price increases, this is a good opportunity for businesses to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of their current software, decide what improvements need to be made for performance and productivity, and clarify how much they are willing to invest in upgrades.


How to Still Save Money on Microsoft 365

 From the effective sharing and collaboration methods to the ease of access on different devices, not to mention its focus on security, privacy and compliance, Microsoft 365 is still the smart answer to improving your business. But how can you be sure of a great deal when you renew or switch?

At Lily, we understand the need to make the right investment and get the best value from your software upgrades. That’s why we provide Microsoft Office 365 licenses below the RRP and will continue doing so after March 2022. To find out how you can save money, contact our team today.

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