September 22nd 2021


We have been digitally transforming schools all across the UK for almost a decade. Working with over 2,500 business, a handful of which are in the education sector, we have improved operations, efficiency and reduced out-goings using our award-winning eco-system of products and services.

Here are some common issues that we have resolved: 

Keeping web-browsing safe

Whether its machines based on premise or at home, we are able to ensure that students are prevented access to harmful and distracting websites. We can set blacklists on known pornographic, gambling and malicious sites and set whitelists on websites that are good to access, such as your school’s website or learning management system.

We can even keep your data usage to a minimum by blocking sites that are data-hungry. Lite browsing can ensure your students are using the web proactively for learning and not getting distracted by games or video hosting sites.

Keeping data secure

Using our secure cloud storage, sensitive data of students and payment details can stay secure and backed up reliably. We, or a designated admin, can select specific people to view this data so only the most trusted individuals have access.

Providing better internet to those that need it

Not everyone is able to learn or teach effectively at home due to poor internet. Our 4G Mi-Fi kits can give them the ability to video call or browse much more smoothly in any location. These mobile Wi-Fi kits simply plug into the USB of laptops or computers and connect you to a fast 4G Network instantly. 

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) for remote learning/teaching

Due to current circumstances, it is likely that students and staff may be forced to carry on lessons remotely (such as another potential lockdown, or self-isolating from Covid). Our cost-effective plans are here so students or teachers can continue lessons as normal in any location. We offer different levels so you can choose the perfect hardware, whether it be the plan that allows basic video calling, or a more advanced bundle that allows for screen-sharing of computing-hungry desktop applications.

Cheaper Energy Bills

With students returning to schools, your energy usage will rise back to normal. Using Lily Energy, we can make sure that your energy bills stay low.

We are offering all schools a FREE energy audit where you learn about your usage, with the aim to move you to the most cost-effective plan available, all whilst delivering the same service. That’s right, you can save money each month with no change.

 Download our whitepaper to learn more about our products and services that can support your school. Alternatively, call us on 0343 507 1111 or fill in our contact form if you would like to discuss your needs with an expert today. 

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