February 18th 2022


The superfast network taking the stress out of connectivity

Broadband is such an integral part of UK business life that we don’t even think about it when we are at our desks.

We just get on with the job in hand and the internet – used by 72% of the UK’s workforce - does the rest.

Meeting Anxiety

But sometimes the digital infrastructure does not do the rest. Instead, it triggers frustration and anxiety when the connectivity goes wrong.

We have all lived through that crucial business meeting when screens freeze and the conversation hiccups, and you may miss that vital answer about that vital contract.

And we have all silently screamed in frustration when the large file from the client takes forever to download while the clock ticks on towards deadline.

One in five of us are dissatisfied with our internet. With 38 hours lost each year to slow or dropped connections, costing £11 billion, we are at the point where the broadband network is not fit for use.

Help at Hand

However, a connectivity revolution is slowly but surely rolling out across the country that will make some parts of your day-to-day working lives that less stressful.

That revolution is known as full-fibre.

Right now, most businesses do not have a full-fibre connection. In fact, the section of the network using the high-capacity fibre only runs from the exchange to the street cabinet.

Between the street cabinet and your business, the connectivity is achieved with copper wiring that can be 100 years old.

If you think that is outdated and it is time for change, we at Lily totally agree with you.

Unreliable or slow broadband connections are not inevitable in this digital age, and we think you deserve better and should not have to make do with the clunky network you may have.

Game Changing

We can bring about that change for you by offering fast gigabit connections over CityFibre’s independent network.

Use this superior network and you are connected directly to the telecoms exchange - the result is game-changing for your business.

With full-fibre, capacity can soar from 76mbps to 1,000mbps while downloading 150GB’s of data can take 23 minutes to download and not 4 hours and 23 minutes.

At Lily, we like our stats, but we also like to spell out just what it can mean for your business.

Better Performance

Using this network makes the most of your digital potential.

If you take on more colleagues or if you decide to invest in an equipment upgrade, then you can go ahead without the worry of putting pressure on your bandwidth.

And having teams out and about or working from home means when they connect through this superfast network at the busiest times of the working day, speeds will not dip.

A full-fibre network will give you a better business performance right away, whether it is your output, your time management or your finances.

And just to be aware, “fibre” and “full-fibre” are very different so study marketing material you may receive carefully and ask the question about copper wiring.

Future Proofing

We can tell you how replacing an internet connection that is sluggish and unreliable with a full-fibre network will help you to keep up with the competition.

And in the bigger picture, we can put you in a great place to grow and develop as a business in the coming years.

As a partner of Cityfibre, we can provide your business with the latest broadband technology, get in touch today to find out more.


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