April 11th 2019



Just like with the shelf life of physical goods, even your systems can go out of date. How? Simply put, they stop getting supported and just won’t be able to keep up with the changing conditions that surround your business.

Most applications and software have an end of life date, where developers will stop supporting products with updates. This is quite problematic for businesses who rely on these systems to run their business. Out-of-date systems can cause problems when used in collaboration with newer, up-to-date systems and are more vulnerable to cyber security threats.


Microsoft is unfortunately pulling the plug on arguably the most beloved version of its OS, Windows 7. Although mainstream support ended in January 13,2015, it’s extended support will cease on January 14, 2020.

According to Net Market Share, Windows 7 is still extremely popular, having a 37.19% share of Operating System use. This is just under the latest iteration, Windows 10 which is reported to have a 40.90% market share. Windows 10 has only just recently surpassed Windows 7 which was still on top up until December 2018.

OFFICE 2010 - OCTOBER 13 2010

Released nearly 10 years ago in April 2010 for general availability, Office 2010’s support is coming to it’s end. In October 13, 2020 Microsoft will no longer provide extended support updates and fixes to the software. Even though Office 2010 has been succeeded by two newer versions of Microsoft Office (Office 2016 and Office 2019), there are still many businesses using it. Although it may be enough for your business’s needs, the feature upgrades and the tighter security of the newer versions are very much worth the switch.

SQL SERVER 2008 - JULY 9 2019

Keeping aware of how long your systems can last is important, did you know that on July th, 2019, Microsoft will officially end support for SQL Server 2008? But fear not, as they haven’t just left the millions of businesses using it as a vital part of their running’s in the dust.

Microsoft have updated with SQL Server 2017 with much greater security, performance and cloud innovation, something we definitely stand by. It’s only natural that a replacement should also be an improvement.

Here are some more common systems that have an arriving end of life date:

  • Windows Server 2008 (January 2020)
  • Exchange Server 2010 (January 2020)

If you want to find out the lifecycle for any Microsoft products you use, check out the Microsoft Product Life Cycle.


Of course, switching to the new systems as soon as possible is the next step, that’s where we come in! With over 30 years of combined experience in the I.T. Market, we can help!

We have worked with numerous businesses, both big and small, and have seen repeated cases where businesses are currently running on systems that are almost out-of-date. We can help future-proof and tighten up your business in the process, identifying potential cyber-security vulnerabilities and time-consuming processes to make your business much more efficient.

Please fill out the form below, and one of our experienced I.T. specialists will get in touch to get things started!

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