June 29th 2021


The UK government is aiming to achieve net zero on all greenhouse gases by 2050 and hope to pioneer the movement, driving a greener economy.

Electronic waste is one of the key focuses and you can see why, as it will increase to 52.2 million metric tonnes in 2021!

Ensuring businesses have a reliable way to dispose of old technical equipment is paramount going forward. It’s important for organisations to have an active focus on reducing the impact they have on the environment.

At Lily, we take our corporate social responsibility extremely seriously. Our new service, Lily Renew, allows businesses to ensure old technical equipment is disposed of in line with the UK’s environmental legalisation and gives customers the opportunity to get cash back for old kit.

One of the reasons why organisations hold on to old hardware is the burden of removing data. A great bonus to the renew service offering is that it guarantees the safe removal of all data from devices via the certified data erasure feature. This is especially important now due to GDPR legalisation and the way the fraud market is booming because of the pandemic. Our service is available for mobile phone recycling, disposal of old IT equipment and more!

Sustainability is now a way of life and recycling hardware should be part of your IT strategy. It’s important not to delay in purchasing new technology, especially when it’s not supported. For example, Windows discontinued support for Windows 7 in January 2020. It won’t be a surprise to hear that cyber criminals are more likely to target unsupported machines on your network.

Maximise your IT budget for new hardware by getting money for your old equipment when updating your out of date technology. All whilst minimising the harmful impact on the environment by utilising our renew service. Click here to view our datasheet on Lily Renew or get in touch to find out more today.


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