February 24th 2020


 The recent storms that have struck the UK goes to show just how devastating the natural weather can be. It was estimated that from Storm Ciara, hundreds of flights were cancelled, and thousands of homes and businesses were affected severely. People had missed time off work due to travel that was restricted by flooding, heavy winds and fallen obstacles. Today, the North of the UK have woken up to a covering of snow, affecting many people from getting to work and therefore impacting business operations

No matter the circumstances, your business has to be able to keep running and communicate effectively with your customers. The truth of the matter is, people want their problems solved and their queries answered no matter what, even if your business is in ‘crisis’.

Has your business been affected by a disaster that you had no control over?

Do you have measures put in place to combat downtime? Even a simple power outage could be devastating and have an impact on your business operations.

Restricted travel will affect most businesses, especially those that rely on their staff coming into the office. Just take a look at the ongoing Coronavirus scare, the increase in the number of reported natural disasters and more frequent bad weather goes to show that anything can happen, and your business needs to be ready for all possibilities.

The ability to work from home if required can ensure your business continues to run as normal. With modern phone solutions, you can route any incoming landline calls to your mobile phone, with the appearance that you have picked up the call in the office! 

Introducing the iPECS UCS, Ericsson-LG’s Unified Communications client providing a complete office phone experience through the use of hybrid communications (both phone lines and internet). 

The iPECS UCS Client can be used on smartphone, laptop and desktop devices with a universal interface and experience across all devices. Your users can take advantage of true remote working with no compromise. In the event that your staff cannot come into the office, you can be confident that their communication with customers and collaboration with each other will not be interfered.

With presence monitoring, you can set your status for the day, letting your team know if you are going to be in a bit late or are sick, without having to contact. To cover all areas, an effective solution is to carry a portable device with you at all times, such as a mobile phone. We work with some of the UK’s greatest networks to provide you with some of the best cost-effect mobile deals available.

If your business would like to upgrade your comms to be as disaster-proof as possible, or you are just interested in finding out how we can transform your business, please get in touch! We can organise a free digital transformation demonstration to show you first-hand how our solutions can future proof your business and increase efficiency. 

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