May 24th 2022


We have come a long way from the bad old days of customer contact centres, operating from anonymous steel and glass buildings in business parks on the edge of town.

Once seen as problematic when it came to providing a positive customer experience, contact centres are now acknowledged as hugely beneficial in boosting performance.

Vital Tool

And while a business still requires a good product or service to sell, a contact centre can serve as a vital tool that will drive sales and manage customer relationships.

At Lily, our experience means we know just how much contact centres have changed, and they are longer just for big businesses with big pockets.


By using flexible and reliable cloud-based communications, contact centres can be a sound business investment for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) with tight budgets.

Alongside the technological progress, customer expectations of a good experience have risen, so having a contact centre could be the right sales and marketing tool at the right time.

Studies into customer behaviour show they are more likely to remember a bad experience and then go on to share it, and even stop buying from the business concerned altogether.

However, a good customer experience means happier customers which drives retention rates, improves customer lifetime value and grows your revenue.

Customer Challenges

Research shows 68% of customers use more than three channels to interact with customer service, while 64% expect real-time interactions and responses and 60% value the ability to resolve issues quickly as key to a good customer service experience.

Without an effective solution in place to handle them, those are tough challenges for a business to face even when customers are willing to pay more for speedy and efficient service.

However, cloud-based contact centres are ideally placed to respond to those customer demands, and at Lily, we can help you set up your own contact centre operations.

Consistent Customer Experience

Cloud-based contacts centres bring huge benefits. They work across many channels, such as email, chat, SMS or social media, to give a consistent customer experience.

Your IT, integration and support costs will be reduced, and a contact centre application is straightforward to implement.

A cloud-based contact centre will also give you more useful customer data, advanced reporting and integration with customer relationship management tools.

And importantly, security is enhanced to deter scammers and hackers.

On the human side, call agents will be far better informed and engaged with a simple-to-use solution.

You can offer a consistent service over a 24/7 period with agents around the globe all using the same information and processes.

Better Informed

The better informed you are about your customers then the better their experience will be having you as the business they buy products and services from.

To you find out how Lily can help you give your customers a better experience, then get in touch, we are waiting to hear from you.

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