September 12th 2018



In November 2017, the NHS 111 line was called , with a total of  for the whole year in 2017. Compare that with this year’s data, with 1,564,236 calls made to the NHS 111 line in March 2018 times with equates to an insane 50.5 thousand per day! This was an increase of 28% from March 2017. That is a lot of calls on an active line.

Although your practice’s number may not be as engaged as the NHS 111, it’s clear that more and more and more people are calling up practices and pharmacies to book appointments and get advice. People are often put on hold, waiting for their call to be answered after previous callers have been dealt with.

But, how can you decrease call time, whilst increasing the number of calls that have been answered, and, also increase customer satisfaction by dealing with their problems quickly? Let me introduce you to Lily Patient Connect, a secure, sustainable and easy to use communications management set-up that is fully integrated for EMIS.


Using advanced computer telephony integration, Lily Patient Connect is our ultimate communications contact management solution for healthcare services. With approved integration for EMIS, Lily Patient Connect fuses Call Recording, Contact Management and Automated Call Handling to your phone system to increase efficiency and save you time and money.


  • Call Recording out-of-the-box– Calls are recorded automatically following legal guidelines set for the healthcare industry and recorded calls can easily be searched for and played through using an easy to use web interface.
  • Faster, Efficient Queries– When you receive calls, a pop-up window will appear detailing the caller’s number, name, address book and EMIS information.
  • On-Call Display– During a call, Lily Patient Connect will display additional EMIS information, previous notes on the caller and ‘contact history’ of the caller with details of previous contact with your practice.
  • Click to Dial– Speed up your calls and get rid of human error by dialling EMIS and other contacts by simply clicking to dial, create a note on the contact, or send an SMS or email.


In addition to Lily Patient Connect, using iCall Suite you are able to get concise call reports to effectively manage your team. But, what’s especially useful is that using iCall Suite, callers currently put on hold will show up in a real-time report, in order of who has been waiting for the most.

Callers who hung-up are also put on a real-time report, allowing you to easily see their number to call them back quicker than ever. This is a great overall tool for maximising the efficiency of your call staff and improving your customer satisfaction.


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