April 6th 2021

9 Microsoft Teams Integrations You Need To Know About

Many businesses are already utilising Microsoft solutions for email, calendar and document sharing, therefore incorporating Teams into daily workflows is a natural next step.

Microsoft Teams is now the centre for teamwork and is helping people be more connected, efficient and engaged! The use of the collaborative tool is demonstrating to various business that email is dead, it now seems a historic form of communication!

While Microsoft teams hosts a wide range of features & benefits, there are still many tools businesses aren’t aware of. Companies around the world are integrating into Teams because of its phenomenal growth in 2020, as a result of the global pandemic.

So, let’s explore the best integrations available for your business today.

1.  Trello

Trello is a product management tool, to help you prioritise tasks and manage employee’s workplans to keep your team organised and productive.


  • Create checklists, assign and complete tasks and review deadlines – all on the one board
  • Pop up notifications when there’s been activity update, or a reminder is issued
  • Multiple boards can be created for different internal groups within your organisation

2.  Zoom

Zoom is another video conferencing tool which has witnessed huge growth. For those businesses who are addressing a larger audience, it’s the perfect tool to still have the functionality of seeing your audience (dependent on the number of attendees).

Have instant access to Zoom via Teams for those moments when a Teams call just won’t cut it!

  • Conferences up to 49 attendees on screen
  • Meetings and chat
  • Screen sharing and remote control
  • Breakout rooms to split your meeting to 50 separate sessions

3.  Zapier

Move information between apps by automating repetitive tasks with Zapier.

Connecting to Teams means users can instantly send and share information between the two, making it easier to facilitate chat workflows amongst your team.

4.  Concept Board

Concept board is a creative tool which helps you work together visually whilst working remotely.

  • Infinitive work board – your project isn’t limited
  • Board history – if you’ve deleted something but need it back
  • File import all popular file formats such as JPEG and png
  • Real-time collaboration and updates to the board

5.  Survey Monkey

Feedback is so important to businesses whether it’s from customers or measuring employee satisfaction.

Survey monkey allows you to drive your business forward by capturing the opinion of those that are most important.

  • Drive customer and internal feedback
  • Templates available with expert written questions

6.  Power Bi

Data is key to businesses success.

PowerBi helps provide interactive visualisations to gather intelligence and key insights into your business that might have previously been left undetected.

  • Range of visual representations
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Automation and integration with other products

7.  Forms

Another feedback tool closer to home for M365 is Microsoft Forms. With the integration in Teams, it’s never been easier to create surveys and polls.

  • Simple form creation
  • Email responsive when feedback is received

8.  SharePoint

SharePoint is a massively underrated programme within the 365 bundles. It empowers teamwork and collaboration, just like with teams but via dynamic sites.

  • Create sites for company news, documents, up and coming events, training, organisation hierocracy and more!
  • Secure sites on your private business network with set levels of access

9.  Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is a scheduling tool which comes as part of the M365 family of products. This programme allows customers to book appointments into your diary via a booking page. Scheduling and managing appointments are a piece of cake, as it automatically syncs with your Outlook calendar, avoiding double bookings. 

  • Request appointment in seconds
  • Automatically synced to Outlook


Part of what makes Microsoft Teams so dynamic and collaborative is the third-party applications available through the integrations features which are often overlooked. 

However, there’s so much functionality from Microsoft 365 which allows you to stay consistent and loyal to the Microsoft family of products. There’s so much growth potential for Teams and efficiency gains from the platform. Make sure to explore and utilise your full subscription. If you require any more advice or want to start using M365 or upgrade your package, speak to one of our experts by filling in our contact form.


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