November 7th 2017


It’s quite astounding how rapidly business communications are moving forward. In just the past couple of years technology has developed so much that a phone system has now become a unified communications platform that is full of standard features that just a few years ago were either not available or businesses had to pay for them separately. If your phone system is more than two years old then it’s almost certain that you’re missing out on some great business boosting features and benefits.

“Alright, tell me more…”


Call recording on demand – Call recording software usually costs thousands of pounds. With contemporary phone systems this comes as a free standard feature available at the click of a button.

In built marketing on hold – On older systems an extra marketing on hold module would have to be purchased and new scripts physically installed by a telecoms engineer. This is no longer the case! Now the module is ready built in to the system and new scripts can be installed remotely by your provider. You can even record the script yourself.

Multiple sites, one system – If your business operates over multiple locations they can now be connected by a single, centralised system rather than having a system in each site. This saves multi-site businesses thousands on equipment costs.

Be in the office anytime and anywhere – Using mobile applications you can access the power of your phone system, regardless of your device or location using smartphone, tablet or PC applications. You can answer and take calls as if you were in the office no matter where you are in the world. You can conclude deals from the beach in Barbados when your client thinks you’re at your desk in the UK.

Dial using your PC or laptop – When making a high number of calls in a day, usually in a sales or telesales environment, it’s much more effective to use a soft phone on your laptop or PC. With many newer phone systems, this functionality can be integrated into your business as a standard feature.

CRM integration – By integrating your phone system with your CRM it’s possible to see exactly who is calling into the business and from what organisation. This is ideal for customer services teams who can quickly pull up records, allowing them to deliver a more efficient service to your customers.

Plug and play scalability – Gone are the days when you have to pay to get an engineer out every time you hire a new employee and need to add a new handset. Now it can be as simple as plugging in a new handset and away you go! Perfect for growing businesses.

Cheaper line rental & calls – Newer phone systems are compatible with SIP trunk technology which are much cheaper than analogue or ISDN lines. This means that you can reduce your line rental costs by 30%-60% and get free calls to UK numbers in the process. What’s the catch? There isn’t one!

Remote access – In the recent past every time you had a fault or needed to make a change on your phone system, you’d have to be able to make changes to your iPECS UCP from our own offices. Quicker response times with no costly site visits.

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