April 29th 2020


At Lily, we've been facing the same challenge as any other business during this difficult time and adapting to working from home. To help fellow businesses, we’ve written a list of things we have implemented to improve the remote working experience of all our staff. Let us know if you think we could add anything else to our list! 

Video Calls Only!

Seeing someone whilst talking to them is much more engaging. One thing we are doing at Lily from now on is only communicating through video. What we have found is that through taking on a video-only approach to communication, our huddles and regular chats are more effective, and morale overall has increased. For a lot of our staff, video chats are something they haven’t done before, so doing them regularly is helping them to improve their experience and self-confidence talking to others over video conference. 

We've also been finding that pets are the stars of the show on video calls, so make sure you make the most of your furry companions and show them off to lift everyone's mood!

Company Facebook Group

We’ve set up a company Facebook group for just our staff so they can share posts, videos and carry on the Lily Life tradition at home. Already we have lots of great posts from our people, sharing funny videos and sending updates on their home working experience, making it something that we will carry on even when we are back in the office! We’ve set ours so only staff are allowed to join, that way people not within the organisation can’t stumble across content. You should it give it a try yourself!

Home Working Survey

Finding out how everyone is getting on, and what we can do to help is important. We sent out a home working survey recently asking our staff about their home working experience, letting them answer anonymously if they wish, and have received lots of useful insights. From the outside, it may seem that everyone is managing with the current situation but in reality, everyone is different. We know which areas we can help in and know who needs the extra support! Do you know how your staff are really feeling about working from home?

Live Exercise Class

Every day we are running a morning exercise class to get our staff ready for the working day! We have found that people are more inclined to join when there are others in the session. Not only is it lots of fun, but it promotes a healthy lifestyle which supports our critical success factors, a win-win!

Employee Training

We have our Lily Performance Academy (LPA), our online library filled with job-specific, company-wide and personal life training documents and videos for people to go on during their free time. Staff can track their progress and send through useful documents they have found themselves for us to upload onto the academy. We aim to put new content on each week, so there is always something new for our staff to go through and develop.

Weekly Newsletter

Every Friday, we send out the Lily Life newsletter sharing what each department has been up to, and we still haven’t stopped! We still get lots of great content from each department and everyone is excited to get involved and read up on what everyone has been working on. Through our newsletter we also let everyone know of any important updates and new LPA content that has been uploaded. We're proud of the strength of our communication and keeping in touch during this period. 

Sharing Good News

Normally we would put up good stories like positive customer experiences and great performance from our staff on screens dotted around the office. But we can still share this great news on our Weekly Newsletter and Company Facebook group, that way staff that deserve recognition get it! We want to ensure people are encouraged to look at the positives. We also promote good news on our social media channels, like our recent win of the Communications Company of the Year award! If you didn't hear that news, make sure you follow us on social media.

We hope this blog gives you some tips to implement into your business to boost morale and productivity of your staff! We'd also love to hear from you about strategies you're implementing to improve home working. Thanks for reading!

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