April 20th 2020


It was announced last Thursday that the Coronavirus lockdown will continue for another three weeks. Yes – that’s another three weeks of sharing the Wi-Fi with the family!

If your connection is frustratingly slow and you have tested it to its limit, try these tricks to boost your broadband speed.

1. Make sure your router is in the best place

Moving the router to a new location can be the silver bullet for solving your problem. If it’s currently near other devices this could be acting as a blocker.   

2. Turn off the Wi-Fi on devices you are not using

This sounds obvious but it’s something most of us forget to do if we are experiencing issues and it can really help!

3. Schedule video meetings at different times

Currently video conferences are the new norm! Most people have evidenced a moment where someone loses connection. Try and schedule your calls at unusual times where there will not be a surge of traffic.

4. Opt for a wire, not Wi-Fi

It may not be an immediately appealing option, but if you are desperate, reverting to using a cable is not a bad idea as an Ethernet cable is able to transfer data at a faster rate than Wi-Fi. How? Because it does not encrypt data as wireless routers do!

5. Give your PC a spring clean

Making sure your device is up to date can have a surprising effect, check on the below:

  • Anti-virus is up to date
  • Latest browser
  • Automatic software updates
  • Cleared cache
  • Stop background apps

6. Last but not least, don’t use the microwave!

You may have heard this and thought “fake news”, well actually having the microwave on does make a difference! Ban the use of it if you are on a video conference, watching a movie online or downloading big files.

If you are just looking for a new broadband deal we have a range of connectivity solutions to suit your business, no matter your size or location.

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