October 5th 2020


In the current climate it’s best to be prepared for fast changes, local lockdowns are happening across the country. The government are advising people who can work from home, to continue working from home.

There’s lots of businesses at the moment who are still safely operating in the office, but it’s important to know the steps to moving your phone system home, so you feel confident knowing your business will be fully operational, if the worst happens. 

1. VoIP Cloud System

Your phone system needs to be a cloud-based system so it can be used remotely. Having a VoIP phone system enables you to be available 24/7 which allows you to satisfy today’s consumers needs. With the VoIP technology, even if you are at home your phone number will still look as though you’re in the office so your customers won’t experience any difference in service. You do need to have an internet connection but in 2020 connectivity is everywhere!

2. Devices Available

Be prepared and make sure your employees have a device available to take calls at home. Unified Comms Solutions are available on desktop and mobile meaning your employees can answer calls on a laptop, computer or on a smartphone. If your employees haven’t got access to a laptop or computer, we can support you by leasing hardware over a contracted period to avoid the full initial outlay. Find out more about our Hardware as a Service proposition. It’s important to ensure your colleagues have also got equipment such as headsets to cancel noise from the home environment!

3. Call Management

It’s really important for any business to manage calls effectively, especially in the current climate as it’s crucial not to miss any sales opportunities. Call management software allows you to track your call data and any missed calls into your business, so you can ensure every lead or customer enquiry is followed up promptly and professionally ensuring the most satisfactory customer experience. On the other side of the coin, you can also track the performance of your employees to ensure they are still performing without supervision from their managers.

4. CRM Integration

Relationships and nurturing are key to successful partnerships with prospects and your customer base. By integrating your phone system with your CRM, caller ID can be setup so you will be able to know who is calling before answering the phone on any device. This straight away starts the conversation well, presenting your business in a good light.

5. Hello Video

Video is extremely important in today’s world, people like seeing who they are speaking too. It’s much more personal and allows you to develop a better relationship and understanding of someone from seeing their facial interactions and body movements. Using a Unified Comms Solution allows you to use video calls as well as useful features such as screenshare, instant message and file sharing – they all help in having a better, more informed conversation.

Hopefully, you now know the steps to ensure your phone system will work from home and be an instrumental part in improving communication whilst home working.

We hope you enjoyed reading the blog, if you’re yet to upgrade to VoIP, we are here to help assist in supporting you every step of the way, from deciding on which comms solution suits your needs to training your employees so they are confident using the system. Contact us today to upgrade your comms.

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