March 3rd 2021


At Lily, we support many SME’s with our tailored IT solution, Lily Shield. Outsourcing IT is common in businesses of all sizes because of various reasons. For smaller companies it’s important for someone trusted to take the helm of their security. For larger organisations, it’s providing additional support to the in-house IT administrator to centralise and take away some of the burden.

Having a company you can rely on and trust has never been more important. Utilising knowledge and expertise of certified teams is crucial to preventing a problem from arising.

Here’s 5 benefits to working with an external IT team:

1. Support when you need it

Hopefully, you aren’t going to run into any problems, but when you do, you have experts in their field ready to help solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is essential because every minute counts in business and having hours or days taken away can cost your business significantly. At Lily, our dedicated help desk provides you access to a member of our team within 30 minutes during our standard office hours, and our support is also available on evenings and weekends if you need it.

2. Improved security

New potential threats are happening hourly therefore it’s important to ensure you have a robust, multi-layered security solution to protect you from threats such as phishing and malware. Prevention is better than the cure; at Lily we take security very seriously, we understand your business’s network and data are some of your main assets.

3. No heavy investment

Employing an external IT support team means no heavy investment upfront, you simply pay monthly for your support. Depending on the size of your business, you may or not have an IT department on hand. If you do have an IT department, at Lily we work with you by taking the pressure off using our configurable portal that can automate time-consuming tasks, making it easy for your teams to look after your network.

4. Disaster recovery

Disaster can strike your business at any time, no matter how well prepared your business is. It could be a disaster that is out of your control such as a natural disaster like a flood or even a fire for instance. By working with IT specialists on a disaster recovery plan, you can rest assured if the worst happens you have backups in place that will ensure your company can recover as quickly as possible. We can even help you get set-up remotely, or in your new premise with minimal down-time.

5. Get the right tech solutions

As with any great IT expert, they have the knowledge of the latest and high-quality hardware. That means if you are thinking of buying new equipment, you can utilise their knowledge to invest in the best performance led hardware which will benefit your business.

This will reduce the chances of you making mistakes in purchasing, where you may buy something and you’re not happy with the product, or it’s not fit for purpose.

At Lily, we make upgrading equipment simple. Our Hardware as a Service model gives you access to the latest equipment at the time your business needs it. The huge benefit is breaking down the cost of equipment over a contracted period and always having access to the latest devices.

If you are looking for an IT support team that you can trust and rely on, then speak to one of our IT specialists today. Our simple IT bundles are tailored to your organisations precise needs, meaning you can rest easy knowing you are protected and supported. Contact us to find out more.

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