December 16th 2020


Winning five awards at the CDSMA’s is a massive honour to us at Lily. We are delighted to be recognised for our hard work and achievements. 11 years into the journey we remain as committed and driven to grow Lily and develop our eco-system.

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year for everyone globally; it feels somewhat bittersweet that this year we have managed to grow our revenue and be recognised for our success within the industry.

Here’s an overview of our new accredited awards:

Best Company To Work For

Lily is on a fast growth journey with ambitious plans for the future, which makes it an exciting place for people to work. We have a clear vision of wanting to become the leading provider of comms and I.T. solutions to UK SME’s; all of which is set out in our strategy for success (S4S). Our S4S is a document designed to inform employees and other stakeholders about our precise plans for growth, including our critical success factors, imperatives for growth, our vision, our values, our culture and our digital transformation journey. We recognise that to achieve success, we need the support of our people, with clear incentives aligned to our strategy. The S4S is a core part of our recruitment process so that everyone can get onboard with our journey.

Motivation is a key part of getting the best out of people, celebrating and rewarding success is at the heart of everything we do.

Best Apprenticeship Scheme

At Lily we have been recruiting apprentices for several years, due to the success of bringing young, vibrant people into the business that are eager to learn.

As a company that is constantly growing, we are always looking at ways to attract and recruit fresh talent. We have found that by recruiting apprentices and giving them the opportunity to learn both on the job and through the training course has delivered great results. It’s been great to see our younger team flourish into the people they are today whilst upholding the most respect for our core values.

Best Social Campaign

Re-launching our social campaigns significantly increased our website traffic and our online conversions. Our social website traffic was up by over 844% compared to the previous year. Furthermore, our February campaign reached over 188,000 people with over 406,000 impressions.

We generated 1,515 unique link clicks and a further 7 leads were created directly via Facebook’s lead generation tool, not included in the 44 above. Therefore, 51 leads were created in total in February as a result of the campaign. All the enquiries are currently being worked on by our sales team with many evolving into genuine opportunities.

Best Sales Team

The Direct Sales team performed 34% better than target, delivering extra revenue into the business.

How did they achieve this? In 2019 Lily rolled out our brand new BKSM success model, created by The Winning Formula®, which stands for Belief, Knowledge, Skill and Motivation. The BKSM model is designed to give employees the knowledge and skill to do their role and the belief and motivation to achieve it. This is all rolled into an online performance platform that we created called the Lily Performance Academy.

Each module on the platform allows the sales team members to access specific learning material to build their knowledge and skill in particular areas. This could include objection handling or closing a deal, or more specific product knowledge about the range of solutions Lily sell.

Using the Lily Performance Academy, each team member was able to track their progress and identify any gaps or areas for improvement. We’ve found that using the Lily Performance Academy and the BKSM model, has allowed our sales teams to feel more confident and increase their drive and passion for their role.

Overall Sales and Marketing Team of the Year

We were personally awarded the Overall Sales and Marketing Team of the Year based on our overall performance, a huge honour and something the teams are really proud of.

We couldn’t have done this without our team, a massive thank you for their support hard work and dedication, we would not be where we are today without them. We are looking forward to a fast-paced 2021.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, we are currently recruiting for several roles here at Lily. Check out the vacancies here.

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