May 19th 2020


Saving your business money doesn’t have to mean reducing the quality of services and solutions you are currently using. Instead, check out these top tips from Lily on how to save money without affecting with your business.

These tried and tested tips can produce significant savings whist improving your technology.

How to save money on your utilities

1. When was the last time you switched your energy supplier? Probably a long time ago! Did you know that out of contract rates can be significantly higher? At Lily we take care of the full process from the moment we quote to your business energy renewal. It’s easy to lose track of renewal dates, so that’s why at Lily we believe it’s best to have all your gas, water and electric supply under the same business. The water regulation has been lifted allowing businesses to switch for the first time; you could save up to 20% on your water supply.

2. If your business is within the manufacturing industry you will be aware of kVA. Is your kVA correct, or are you exceeding and receiving penalties? We can review your usage for FREE by simply getting in touch.

How to save money on your operations.

3. Do you track call data? If the answer is no, then at Lily we could open a whole new wealth of knowledge and insight to your business. Call management tools can track call data, allowing you to shape how you manage your staff, your workload, peaks and troughs, seasonal information, and marketing campaigns.

4. Are you paying for systems or solutions which are not being utilised? Start today by checking with departments what they are using and what they are not. If you find any, contact the companies to cancel.

5. Does your business have a number of mobile contracts? The answer is more than likely yes. One way of saving a significant amount is gathering quotes from a few companies rather than just putting the trust in your current network. If you haven’t received other quotes then you could be making significant savings on your business mobiles!

6. How does your business stay protected? It’s massively important for businesses to stay protected and have a strong IT security strategy. Firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spam, dark web monitoring are all critical to your business staying protected, not having them could cost your business thousands of pounds.

Get free money

7. I’m sure ‘Get free money’ captured your attention! You’ll be pleased to know this is true, there’s help out there for businesses, but we always go by the mantra ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. Your business could qualify for a grant to upgrade your solutions, for example moving onto ultra fast fibre broadband. Want to find out more? Contact us now.

How to collect payments for less

8. When was the last time you switched merchant services provider? It’s not something most businesses switch frequently but this is something you should be researching. Significant savings can be made just by shopping around and looking at terminals and e-commerce fees.

Give your business more options

9. Have you upgraded to SIP/VOIP? If you are still using old ISDN lines and your calls are not coming through the internet, then significant savings can be made. Savings is not the only advantage from upgrading, this allows your business to be able to remote work which is essential in the current climate. A question to ask yourself is, could you get rid of desk phones and move to a fully cloud solution?

How your business could be losing money

10. Do you have to update your online listings manually? You don’t need to anymore, there’s a solution which updates over 50+ apps at the same time from just one click. This will save you huge amounts of time and allow you prioritise other tasks.

11. Do you find it difficult to get reviews from customers? Reviews from customers are great and all businesses should be collecting as many as they possibly can, as they hugely influence converting your lead into a customer. We understand collecting reviews can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. SoReview allows you to send a targeted message after a customer visit, sending them a link to review your services. 

We hope this blog has given you several ideas to save money and create efficiencies to support your business in this difficult time. If you would like to find out how Lily can help you more, contact us.

Thanks for reading!

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