November 30th 2021


In the run up to Christmas there’s loads of things to plan and change to ensure your business is prepared for the festive period. We’ve put together a checklist of the 10 things we think are the most important to make sure your business is ready for Christmas.

1.  Update your opening hours online and on your phone system 

Are you changing your businesses opening hours over Christmas and New Year? Let your customers know by updating your opening hours on your welcome message on your telephony system, as well as updating them on your website.

2.  Wish your customers a Happy Christmas with a marketing on hold message

Get into the Christmas spirit by updating your marketing on hold message on your phone system, created bespoke to your business. Our marketing on hold services provides you with the perfect opportunity to wish your customers a Happy Christmas and promote any seasonal events or offers you may be running to everybody who calls your business. We can even play Christmas background music to give it that festive feel!

Speak to our team about personalised marketing messages.

3.  Prepare your staff to work from home over the festive period

Whether your full work force is working from home or only a certain few are working Christmas cover, ensure your staff are prepared to work anywhere during the festive period.

This may mean providing them with new hardware such as laptops, or more importantly new headsets to block out all the Christmas music. Or maybe your phone system needs upgrading to a cloud telephony solution to ensure your staff are able to make calls from wherever they are and can work from the comfort of their home. No matter the solution, Lily’s got you covered.

4.  Track how busy you are over Christmas and make sure missed calls are returned

Are you unaware of how busy your business is over the Christmas period and aren’t sure how many calls come in?

We can provide you with the best call management solutions, meaning all missed calls can be kept track of and returned.

5.  Decide who’s working the day after the staff Christmas party

It’s inevitable that every year someone ends up having to come into the office to work the day after the staff Christmas party, not exactly feeling their best. With flexible working however, you can ensure all of your staff are prepared to work from home in comfort of their home, meaning there’ll be no sore heads in the office.

6.  Order extra equipment for seasonal temporary staff

Do you have extra staff members joining you temporarily during the seasonal period? Make sure you have the equipment required for them to work effectively. We can supply you with laptops, headsets and handsets to get your new staff members up and running.

With call management solutions you can also better plan your staff levels and understand your peak call hours, enabling you to ensure you’re staffed to the optimum level during your busiest periods.

7.  Give staff the connectivity to work from home

If you have staff members working from home, make sure they’re prepared with a connectivity solution that won’t have them experiencing any downtime. If their home WiFi isn’t up to speed, we offer mobile broadband packages which act as a great backup solution to keep them working effectively and efficiently.

8.  Get access to your cloud telephony system

If you use a cloud telephony system in the office, ensure you have access to this over the Christmas period. You can access your phone system from wherever you are by downloading the mobile app onto your smartphone, ensuring you’ll never miss a call again.

9 .  Maintain a high level of service over Christmas by monitoring calls

With call management solutions, you can monitor all calls coming into your business over the festive period and make sure that you maintain the same level of service you usually would over the year. Ensure missed calls get returned instantly, check when you need more staff to cover the busier periods and listen in to staffs calls via call recording to offer them training and feedback when required.

10.  Check Lily’s Christmas opening hours

Need to make changes and updates to your phone system over Christmas? Make sure you’re aware of our festive opening hours.

We are open from 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday throughout the Christmas period. Please note our office will be closed from 2pm onwards on Thursday 16th December for our annual Christmas conference.

Get in touch today to discuss our products and solutions to get your business prepared for the festive period. Fill out our contact form or call 0343 507 1111.

Download our Christmas Checklist and make sure your business is ready for the festive period.

Lily Christmas Checklist

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